10 May 2011

[talk: Sittin' in Bucks.]

I'm sitting in 'Bucks ... having a shaken green tea and sorting through Saturday's wedding pics.  Ok.  Well ... that's not entirely true now ... 'cause I'm doing this now.  Right.

I helped out in Tias' class this morning, and instead of heading all the way home, I thought I'd do some pics and then head back to pick up Siah at 11am.  I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There's not enough time in between drop offs and pick ups to do anything.

And next year it'll be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Yuck.

All in all things are going well ... yup - I weighed myself this morning (please refrain from attacking me on this one ... *grin*).   Numbers are up - but I'm really trying to learn that the numbers just don't matter ... because I'm now wearing size 2 jeans.  If I'm kicking it on the pavement and getting to wear the clothes that I'd like to wear, then I just might be cool with that.  

And that's been a strange thing - coming up with what I'd like to dress like.  I've never really had a "style", I think.  When I look over my life, it kinda depended on who I dated with how I dressed *laughing*.  True.  So, choosing how I want to present myself now has been an interesting thing.  My girlfriends have been commenting on it ... even my bday presents represented the edgy-ness that I like.  I'm really starting to feel like "me".

Then there's running.  After I told him about my 17km, my neighbour told me about a 1/2 marathon in June.  He thinks I can do it ... "if you're doing 17km, you can do the half.  No problem.  Especially in the time you're doing ... ".  I want to look around, over my shoulder, just to see who he's really talking to.  *grin*.

Crazy as it sounds, I'm actually beginning to feel a little like an athlete ... not just a runner.  "Just'.  Whatever - you know what I mean ... When I was at 14km yesterday, I closed my mouth and realized I wasn't even huffing.  At.  All.  It's like I hit 8km and it was ... easy??  What my body can do now is crazy ... my grade 12 PE teacher wouldn't believe the change in me *grin* ... I think I can actually achieve my goals.  And just a few months ago they seemed impossible ... 

SO.   Maybe a half in June.

What else ... well I had the opportunity of leading worship at Recovery this past Sunday ... love being involved there.  Love the people, love the atmosphere ... love what God does there.  I get to lead there this Sunday night too ... such a privilege.  I think I could survive on a diet strictly of running and worship ... feeds my body, feeds my soul.

I'm totally rambling here ... no rhyme or reason to what I'm writing ... and looking at the clock - time for me to head back to the school.  

Hmmm ... well.  At least I got a few pics edited.  *wink*.

Have a great one!!

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