09 May 2011

[running: Mother's Day Chip.]

Some moms get flowers, some get lovely blue boxes with sentimental treats inside.  Some moms get homemade glass jars with a tealight in the bottom (yup - my grade one-er did just that), some get a poem or breakfast in bed.

My hubby is not a sentimental man ... in fact, yesterday at the Mother's Day lunch we held at our place, some of my sis-in-laws were talking about renewing their vows.  My hubby looked at them and said, "I promised God once, why do I have to do it again?"

Such a romantic *rolling eyes*.

BUT when it comes to gift giving, he knows me well.  And I got spoiled.   Maybe you won't think so - but that's probably why I married him, and you didn't *grin*.  He got me a Nike running chip for my runners.  The perfect gift for me. 

And today ... I ran.  17.14km in 1:36:02.  

I am CRAZY excited about that ... I will totally kick the 1/2 marathon in September.  And I'm hoping to kick it in less than 2hrs.  Looks like that's gonna be possible ... 

Ok ... so the chip was a hit - as was the Canucks hockey jersey.  He got me a blue one - which are a hot commodity right now ... and it saves me from having to shimmy myself into Mattias' jersey at the next game *grin*.  I actually prefer the retro jersey ... but he couldn't find one anywhere ... and I'm just hoping that me getting one of these guarantees me a spot at one of the upcoming playoff games *wink*.  

I've also posted some pics of my friend Nicole (and a few of her and I) at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.  Can't believe that we've been back from almost a week already ... seems like a dream.

Hmm ... I think I need to shower *grin*.  Seventeen km kinda ... stinks *laughing*.  

Have a great one!

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