22 June 2011

[photos: Street Hockey.]

When the sun comes out long enough to dry up the wetness, the boys start begging to play street hockey ... usually from the moment my hubby comes home.

And I love it.

We open our garage door, and the door of our mudroom which connects to our kitchen, and I can hear the hoots and hollers while I finish getting dinner ready.  Katia usually runs in and out ... asking for juice, asking for snacks, and then she puts her shoes on.  Then takes them off.  Then puts them back on again ... *grin*.

It's times like this that I make myself stop and remind myself that THIS is really what is important.  THIS is what our kids are going to remember.  THIS is the feel we want our home to have.  THIS is why the sun needs to stay out longer *grin*.

And this is why my camera sits on our counter for easy access *wink* ... 

So, Mattias is finishing up grade one this week, Josiah has finished his 3-year-old preschool class, and Katia ... well, she gave me a "heads up" yesterday when she was about to dirty her diaper ... a good year and a half earlier then either of our boys did ... she'll be 2 at the end of August.

Yup.  *sigh*

It's good to stop and enjoy the moments when you can ... it all goes just way too fast.

So tomorrow is the last day of school, and then it's SUMMER!!  We have a couple of little family get-aways planned to the Okanagan and Keats Island ... but unlike last summer, we will be spending most of our summer at home - and we're really looking forward to that.  We want to plan for ice cream in the evening at Crescent Beach, KFC picnics at the park and we're hoping to get to the Cultus Lake Water Slides one day this summer too.  More than anything, it's going to be a time to be with family and friends - to have potluck BBQs and let the kids make the life-long memories with their little friends too... which, really, is the best part of summer.

I can't wait to get it started!!  I just hope the sunshine stays *grin* ...

And I have a post up on my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.  This is little Natalia's third photoshoot with me ... it's been so fun documenting her little life so far ...  For some reason, I can't post a pic on here (hmmm????).  My blog isn't letting me ... so just click that "here" link and you can see Natalia's session ...


Have a great one!!

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alisa said...

Your kids are soooo cute! ;)