20 June 2011

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If I'm going to be comPLETEly honest, this post is not what I've been working on for this blog.  I have a post ... one that I'm writing; walking away from; re-reading; walking away from; deleting; rewriting; walking away from  ... you get the idea :-).   

It's about our words ... what we say, what we hear, what we interpret, what we are offended by ...   A lot of it was sparked by a recent sermon at our church where our pastor asked "what's the verbal tone of your home?", part of it sparked by the media regarding the Vancouver riots, and some just from day to day stuff that happens to me.   It's not a heavy post *smile*.  But because I want it to be said correctly, it takes me a while to really make that happen ... so - it may just sit in my "edit" box for a while ... 

SO ... instead I thought I'd share a few of my new fave things ... and maybe you'll find something that you'll think is worth trying *smile* ...  

I LOVE tea.  And Lipton has a new herbal "line" that looked too yummy to pass up.  I bought the blackberry vanilla and served it when my folks and in-laws came for Father's Day dinner.  My mom and I finished two pots.  YUM.

When I say, "... gotta do my Jillian ... " what do I mean?  THIS. "No More Trouble Zones" makes me sweat like an animal every stinkin' time.  She says it's 40minutes, but that doesn't include the 5 minute warm up or 5 minute stretch.  It's circuit training and targets the backs of your arms, shoulders, abs and "saddlebags".  It's done with weights and I  LOVE it.

I actually just bought two more DVDS from ITunes (suggested by a friend... ).  So I can take my computer anywhere, and I've got my workout too. I can also connect it to my Apple TV.  Brilliant!!   I'll let you know what I think of those ones ... 

Now THIS might seem strange.  But a couple of years back, I planted a raspberry bush.  I've blogged about it a couple of times ... and this year, it has gone baaaazerk.  Last year I probably harvested only a couple dozen raspberries ... this year?  I have no clue how many we're going to get - maybe a few hundred??  It's definitely one of our family's favourite things.  Almost every day (unless it's pouring out), we check it and see what it's doing ... I highly recommend planting a fruit plant.  It's free-ish food and kids LOVE it.  
And finally ... my Sanuk yoga-mat flip flops.  Now ... we have hardwood floors in the majority of our mainfloor and my legs can THROB at the end of the day.  I started wearing flip flops in the house to try and help my aches, but the Roxy ones (about $15 or so) are just too thin and don't do anything.  My friend told me about Sanuk yog-mat flip flops and I thought I'd give them a try.  They were more expensive (about $35.00 a pair) ... but when I put them on they were SO cushiony.  And now I wear them all the time when I'm in my house.   I am actually wearing them as I type this. True.   And you'll find them either at the base of our staircase where the carpet starts, or at the garage door (if I've changed into something else for outside).  I could TOTALLY wear them outside, but I'm keeping them as inside-shoes.  In all 100% honesty, I have noticed SUCH a difference in how my body feels at the end of the day.  I HIGHLY recommend these!!

And yes.  Mine are turquoise *grin*.

So ... those are a few things that I like.  Maybe you'll like them too ... maybe not.  But maybe instead, you'd like to check my RedHanded Photography blogpost HERE on this couple, Garrett and Kara ...

Well ... whatever the case  I'm heading to bed *grin* (it's 10:30pm on Sunday night as I'm writing this ... ) and getting ready for this week which is the last week of school with all of it's class parties, the arrival of out-of-town-family, a wedding photoshoot on Saturday and leading worship on Sunday ... and hopefully some sunshine *grin*!!!

So I wish you a great one, and no matter your week looks like ... may you at least have the warmth of the sun *oh, I hope!!*.

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