08 June 2011

[redhandedphotography: Jon and Patti.]

Today's a BIG day ...

I have my day planned to the minute, starting with a run, then taking the kids on Mattias' "butterfly release" fieldtrip at his school, having lunch at the park with his class, heading to a newborn photoshoot before I pick up Mattias at the end of school, making dinner, taking Mattias to baseball after supper ... then hopefully getting to watch the PVR'd Canucks game without knowing what the score is prior to ... wishful thinking, I'm guessing.  Then finish editing two photoshoots from last week.


SO - it's early as I write this, and I'll post this at a descent time for you all *grin* ... 

I just wanted to share with you a family that I know well.  Their eldest daughter is undergoing treatment for leukaemia ... and I had the privilege of taking their family-of-seven photos before her final round of chemo.

And still ... there is so much joy in this family.  They truly are incredible.

You can view Part I and Part II of Jon and Patti's photoshoot HERE.

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