07 June 2011

[product review: Canon G12.]

I done got me a new camera.

Now, now ... before the "Canon" vs "Nikon" argument begins, I must say that I am a Nikon girl.  I love Nikon ... BUT when it came to finding a "point-and-shoot" camera, I decided to go with the masses and check out the Canon.

I also looked at Olympus and Sony.

And Nikon.

But I left with the G12 - an investment for sure, and after not owning a point-and-shoot for the last few years, it seemed worth it.

My hubby and I were out of town for a few days (more on that later ...), and I reallllly didn't want to lug around my D300S and all of its lenses.  It's a pain, to say the least.  Especially since most of our vacation was going to be enjoyed at different amusement parks - not the best place for an SLR to hang when its owner is rippin' it on a coaster.

The last point-and-shoot I owned was bought when Mattias was born - almost 7 years ago.  And then, after investing in SLR cameras, a point-and-shoot seemed like a backwards move.  And - it really is.  But, still so necessary I think.

What I liked about my G12?  Welllll ... so many things.  First off - it's so much smaller than my SLR *grin*.  I mean ... the freedom that came from having a small camera hang around my neck and still be out of the way?  It was CRAZY *grin*!  I loved the movable screen - it tilts and allows you to take photos/video of yourself while viewing it.  Loved that.  

I have a lot to learn about it - but keeping things simple and on "auto" - worked pretty well.  I turned the auto flash off ... hate flashes.   And I wasssss frustrated with the slow shutter speed - especially when we were on a tour bus and things were flying by and I missed the shot over and over again ... 

I'm spoilt with my 6-frames-a-second-SLR.

When I uploaded the pics, they were really vibrant and clear.  Again, not as great as my SLR by any means - I'm also used to shooting in RAW rather than jpeg - but all in all ... it was a great little camera.

It's not cheap ... and we chose to spend a little more because of it's video capabilities.  We actually don't have a video that uses cards, so it was worth it to get an "all in one" for us.

So.  I just got back - no real photos to share yet ... I was still shutter-happy with this camera and took over 400+ photos for the 4 days we were away.  We had a great time with our friends and it was a spontaneous few days away.  I can't wait to share the stories and pics with you ... but I'm behind on some RHP work, so those images have to come first.

Clients before personal, right?  *grin*.

Ok ... Well.  Maybe just a couple ... this is while we were waiting for our car ...

... this was on Rodeo Drive ... 

... this was Disneyland ... without kids.  I know.  Such a sin.

... and a kiss off of the Santa Monica pier ... 

Not a bad little camera, eh?  Totally edited - yes.  But still ... 

OK ... what else?  Well ... I've discovered a love for the elliptical machine ...  I worked out at the hotel's gym every morning, even though we spent our entire day walking.  And I came home without gaining, despite my love for authentic Mexican cuisine *grin* (we weren't in Mexico ...).  I'm planning a long run for tomorrow ... maybe.  

Tonight ... Jillian.


Gotta go!!  

Have a great one!

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