17 August 2011

[cool products: If I Was Asked for My Christmas List ...]

Christmas lists ... seems a little silly in August - and let's be real, I'm a grown-up.  So without getting into the debate of whether a grown-up should even have a list ... here's mine *grin*.  Oh come on.  It's just another spin on some of my "fave things" ... *GRIN*.

Here's what I'm loving these days ... 

1.  Tetley Mojito Herbal Tea:  Ok ... isn't my pic (thanks google) - but the tea is diVINE.  Lime and mint make a fantastic combo ... and I actually like it cooled on a pile of ice cubes.  Highly recommend.

2.  This bracelet.  I saw it on Esty and it's crazy expensive (like $80+) ... it has semi-precious stones which make it feminine, and I love the wrapped leather.  So cool ... you can see more about it HERE

3. La Roche-Posy - Toleriane ULTRA.  This was a true find for me.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting old - but I find that my skin cannot handle all the junk in moisturizers.  Even the expensive ones that I've invested in, actually BURN my skin during different times of the month.  It's crazy.  So when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart, I asked for a non-perfume moisturizer for highly sensitive skin.  This is what the lady sold me, and it is fantastic.   It's about $30.00.

4,  The Left.  Now ... so I'm a bit biased.  A couple of these guys go to my church, and I've had the crazy pleasure of having them on my worship team.  And - I'm even more biased because one of the guys has grown to become a good friend of my hubbys.  And mine too.  His wife rocks too ... but I'm getting off topic here. The music?  So good ... download "Carry You" for a cool love-song vibe.  It's, like, #51 on the Amazon charts ... You can check out their site and download their album HERE.

5. Voxer.  For all you BB users, you can take a five minute breather ... this is for iphone users *grin*.   Voxer is a FREE app that turns your phone into a "walkie talkie".  It's kinda like "hey tell", except better.  You can text, send images and even "walkie talkie" groups of people at once.  It's so great ... I've been voxing my kiwi cuz's in NZ and actually replaying their voice messages over and over.  Miss them ... but voxer makes hangin' with them so easy ...

Ok ... that's it for now.

Have a great one *grin*!


Crystal said...

I started with the toner in that line, and love it!! I read about in in style, and can't wait to get the moisturizer:)

Tawn said...

ooooh :-) ... haven't tried the toner.

Danica said...

I agree with you about the mojito tea. I can't get enough of it!