08 September 2011

[cool products: Hair. Part Duex.]

So.  A little bit ago I created a post containing the train-wreck hairstyles I have had over the years.   I then posted a few pics of hairstyles that I like.  I then chose one in particular that I wanted.

Then I had a haircut today.


So.  I knew that I'd have to grow part of it out - but as my hairstylist (whom I really DO like very much ...) was cutting, I was thinking "oh - shouldn't it be more like 'this'?"  But snip.  It was too late.  Then he started styling it ... and now I feel like it looks ... well.  The same.

Now maybe when I do it myself, I can make it "more" like what I wanted.  But this just proves to me that having a photo of what you really want can actually be disappointing.  Now.  As I said.  I have to grow out the front part ... but then, why did he razer it?

And in his defence ... he knew I wanted something different and he REALLY pushed for an "undercut" (insert Fauxhawk here).  Oh, and I almoooost did it.   If my hubby hadn't been so against it, I would have.

Anyways .... I'm not unhappy.

I'm just a little disappointed that it doesn't feel different enough.


Maybe I need to have a date with some black hair dye .... 


Have a great one!

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