01 September 2011

[digiscrap: More Pages.]

Well ... next week, school starts.  Awe man ... I love having a schedule, and I love love the fall - but at the same time I love NOT having a schedule, and I love love the summer.

Good thing I don't have to choose whether it's time to change seasons or not *grin*.  That's in God's job description.  But for today - a simple post on some digiscrap pages I've been working on .

Double click the images to enlarge ... 

Have a great one!

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Yin said...

Hi Tawn, what gorgeous pages as usual!! Oh you just have this way of using the templates so simply and effectively and stunningly! Love nineteen months!!And that AMAZING birthday cake! And you're looking good up that hill, I've been going to gym classes for 6 months now and feeling a whole lot better and hopefully am I seeing that bit of tone, lol! You're just too good, and I had a great time looking through your hairstyle history, I know, I've been in a rut with mine but think it's where I'd stay till I'm seventy! :)