24 September 2011

[running: Half Marathon]

Tomorrow, I run my first half marathon.

With the kids filled up with pancakes and my hubby sipping coffee and catching up on the news, I thought that I should take a minute and write about how I'm feeling - as I may want to look back on today and see how I felt.

So.  How am I feeling??


Excited.  Nervous.  Scared.

I'm not sure what to expect.  Am I afraid that I can't do it?  Um.  Yes - yes, I am.  But not for my lack of wanting to.  I just know what it's like to have my body say "enough" and the pain of a pulled muscle or shin splints.  I feel that my mind is ready - which, from what I understand, is half the battle.

I've had the "thumbs up" from my massage therapist ... everything seems to be in perfect working order.  I ran almost 11km on Monday, and cycled on the stationary bike at home for almost 1.5 hours on Thursday.  No pain.  So today - I'll be stretching, stretching, stretching.

My intention is to just push through, although I know that some think that a possible injury from that isn't worth it.  But somehow, I need to just DO it.  Push it.  Go for it.

Will I do this again?

Honestly - at how I'm feeling today ... no.  It takes SO much time to prepare, and I've been missing out on all of the other different kind of exercising I like.  I'm looking forward to doing a simple 5km once a week, maybe a 7 or 10km ... a Jillian DVD when it's raining - and maybe even joining a friend for a cardio class in the evenings.  I want to continue to tone, to get stronger ... 

But who knows?  Maybe I'll finish tomorrow and think, "man - I REALLY did it.  I can do that again ... "

Right now, I'm working on a playlist for the run.  Trying to balance the spiritual with the motivational.  Sometimes I just need a plain ol' rockin' tune ... and sometimes I need the emotional and spiritual filling of a good Christian song.

I also have to go pick up my race package today ... and tomorrow I'll be getting my timer chip.  That's going to be interesting - to see how it matches/doesn't match with my own Nike chip.  And apparently there may be a medal for all those who finish.  I've never gotten an athletic medal before.  I just may never take it off *wink*.  But first ... I just need to finish it.

Gosh ... my heart is literally pounding as I write all of this.  Eek.

Have a great one!

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