24 November 2011

[cool products: Oh Boy. Polyvore.]

So.  I've discovered the addiction that is Pinterest ... you can follow me by clicking the "pinterest link" on the right side of this blog ...

It's addicting and fabulous ... it lets you basically see the very best of the best, and use "boards" to save and organize images (that are usually linked to the webpages they're from) ... like having a million magazine subscriptions and pulling out and filing the pages that you want.

There are recipes, style and fashion ideas, home ideas, organization tips, "do it yourself" ideas ... and a bucket-load of "why didn't I think of that??" stuff.

Confused?  Don't be ... try it out ... I dare you *grin*.

And - my friend Shawna just told me about Polyvore.  Yee gads.  Its a place where you can create a group of images ... with links ... of things that you like or whatever.  Like this one I quickly put together just to show you.  There are hundreds of different templates ... I just quickly chose this.  You can hover over the images, and they link to where I found them ... 

This one's a grouping of some of the fun things I found on Pinterest ... 

I'm still just figuring things out ... so I'm sure I'm not doing everything quite the way it should be done ... but whatever.  You get the idea *grin*.

Have a great one!

Why I Love Polyvore

Inside My Dream Home

Style ...

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered polyvore as well! Haven't tried anything with it yet, but I've been wondering how people put a group of images together. Can't wait to start playing with it.