23 November 2011

[talk: Trader Joes.]

Yesterday I had my first "official" trip to the States for a grocery shop.  Dozens of my friends do this every month - but I do not.  I had a miserable experience once at the border, where the border guard made me return my purchases to Costso (with proof of receipt) - with an emphasis on the fact that I had 18 eggs, instead of the 12-egg-limit.


Needless-to-say, I haven't gone back.

But yesterday the kid's school was closed due to a power outage, and I thought it would be a "day out" for all of us.  I headed south with a van-full of kids and made my way to Trader Joes.

I've been to Trader Joes in Phoenix, but never in Bellingham.  I picked up organic milk, free-range eggs, the best kettle-corn popcorn (100 calories a bag, YUM), two boxes of peppermint green tea (oh.my ... it's THAT good), a brie cheese log ... and some other nifties.

I also headed to Costco and bought various cheese, a big bag of chocolate chips, a quinioa/rice blend ... some bread.  And a bag of white-chocolate-candy-cane-covered pretzels.  

Yeah.  I'm a sucker for peppermint ... mmmmm.

Even the smell of peppermint gum makes me giddy.

*drifting of ... *

ANYways ...

I headed back home and was nervous about the $190+ I spent on groceries, even with the four of us being in the van.  I approached the border guard and she asked the same-old questions ... "no booze, no tobacco" ... she asked how much I spent.

When I answered, she started jotting something down.

Oh no.  Flashbacks to my miserable experience ... 

She looked at me and said, "So ... do you think you'll do this often?"

To which I replied, "You know - I'm not sure.  It took me a lot of time - and I could've gotten some work done at home.  And I found myself buying things that I normally wouldn't spend money on.  It's a lot of work coming down with three kids ... (blah blah blah ...)"

Her posture changed with her, "You're the FIRST person to ever say that!!" She laughed. "I don't get why people come from North Vancouver, give up an entire day to sit 3 hours at the border to save $50.00.  It's not worth it to me ... "

I was home free.

SO ... will I do it again?  Oh probably ... when the kids are IN SCHOOL and Katia and I can have a date *grin*.  Next time I'll definitely bring a list as apposed to shopping with my eyes.  I, for certain, saved a lot of money - specifically on cheese ... which I'm not eating anyways.  Still doing no-dairy, no-wheat, no sugar as much as I can ... down 5.5lbs - but that's another blogpost ... 

AND it cost me $60.00 to fill up my van, which was 3/4 empty.  A full tank costs me about $120.00 so THAT was worth it ... may just do a gas/milk/eggs run every week.    We'll see.

And that's my post on Trader Joes.

Thank you. *grin*

Have a great one!

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