01 November 2011

[talk: Our Hallowe'en Family Night.]

As a Christian, there is always some controversy over the Halloween holiday.  Some of our friends forbid it - some celebrate, well, celebrate is a strong word ... how about "participate" in it.  Some neighbouring churches offer alternatives, while other churches wouldn't dream of it.

Again, this is my blog *grin* - and I'm not going to debate the reasons behind why some do and some don't.  I'm just posting on what our family has chosen to do ... and that is, take back what the enemy has planned for bad and use it for good.  Period.  For us, Halloween is a family evening - a time to be together, have people over, dress up and enjoy the goodness that God has given us.  Kinda like a "dress-up-thanksgiving" *grin*.

Speaking of dress up ... 

Josiah was a "transformer", Mattias was "Darth Vader", and Katia was "Snow White".  All of the costumes were purchased at my BIL and SIL's store Party On in Langley ... best store around!

... did you notice the "cross" pumpkin?  ... yeah, I need to put our pumpking-carving post up soon and explain *grin* ... soon.

Ah yes ... and I was "Snow White" as well.  I was last year too ... and strange - as I've never really dressed up before, but for some reason I really have a lot of fun with it.  And my kids LOVE it *grin*.  For now, anyways *wink* ... 

OH.  And before I type another word ... a bit of a disclaimer for the shoddy camera work.  My Nikon is in the shop getting some maintenance done - so I only have my point-and-shoot.  It shoots only in jpeg format and is pretty miserable in low-light.  I know, I know ... but hey - photography is my thing - and these images kinda make me cringe a bit.  There.  I said it.

Moving on.

Our family, every year, gathers with friends and goes door to door ... la la la la la la.   This year, my hubby and I decided to invite a few more - and had planned to have a large potluck party.  I prayed a lot about it - asking the Lord to help me with who to invite and all of that.  And after sending out invitations, most were actually unable to join us.

Instead, we had 4 families (well .. 3.5, right RS?) - each not knowing each other, in fact, meeting each other for the first time.  That was a bit nerve-wracking for me *grin*.   I wasn't sure how the group would be ... but it worked out just fine.

I made perrogies with onions and sausage, and the other wives brought various salads, buns and dessert.   I also made mini chocolate cupcakes with gummy spiders ... and Josiah was so afraid of them, he would run away every time I made the spiders "talk" *grin*.

After dinner, we headed out up the street ... towing our littlest ones in a bright red wagon.

The evening was clear and crisp, and I loved watching my different friends mingle with each other, and essentially, making new friends.  So great.

My hubby was with the two boys at the front of the pack ... I stayed with Katia and it sure didn't take her long to get the idea.  Within the first 3 houses, she turned to me and said, "you stay here," and went to the door by herself.  She waved goodbye to each home owner with a chipmunk-sounding "thank you" ... it was priceless.


After the trick or treating, we came back to our place for lattes and dessert, while the kids dumped their candy out onto the family-room floor and began the 'trading' process.  

It was SUCH a great family night. 

I hope you and your family, however you chose to spend October 31st, enjoyed your time together.  

Have a great one!


Melody Davis said...

Awe, I loved this group. Thanks for the great time:)

Shawna said...

Loved getting to know some new fabulous peeps - Super fun night even if I almost froze to death...Lu's coffee made up for it :)