16 December 2011

[talk: Trevor Linden & Me.]

** ok.  I'm sick in bed ... wrote this last week ... thought I'd post it today instead of talking about my Dec17 Shalom Day ... honestly.  I don't have the strength ... Trevor Linden it is. **

If you're not from Vancouver ... this post will probably mean nothing to you.

If you're not a long-time-Canuck fan ... this post will probably mean nothing to you.


BUT.  If you ARE either of those ... you just might like this one.

So ... I was in Yaletown, a trendy part of downtown Vancouver, waiting for a client to show up for a photography shoot.  I was standing alone ... no one in sight ... and then I noticed two well-dressed men laughing and talking.  They were coming towards me, but the sidewalk was being redone, so they were on the street.

They stopped and I thought to myself, "man, those look like hockey players."

Well dressed, they shook hands then parted ways.  He turned around.  He was still a good ways away, but my heart jumped just a wee bit.

It was #16.  It was Trevor Linden (if you're a die-hard Linden fan like me, you'll love THIS ARTICLE I found on him).

Now ... again, you have to BE a Canuck fan to know who this man is.   He is the face of all that is good in Vancouver *big grin* ... his number is retired, his legacy lives on.   He played in game 7 during the 1994 season ... and I watched.  He's now 41 ... and more "Trevor" than ever.

As he got closer, I tried to act cool, "... do I? don't I?"

I had all my photography equipment ... but quickly opted for my iphone.

He kept walking towards me, no one else around, and smiled.

"Um ... would you mind?" I asked with a bit of a squeek in my voice.

"Oh, totally!" he smiled.

Now ... he's, like, a giant ... and I'm, like, a midget.

He put his arm around me, got down close as I stretched out my arm to capture this:

I assure you ... my ridiculous grin was authentic.

And he was wearing cashmere.

And he smelt good.

The photo was over, and he started walking backwards - saying "have a good one", and I just about kicked myself for not coming up with something intelligent to say.

Ah well ... at least I was brave enough to capture the moment.  And now I can cross off #87 on my bucket-list *grin*.

And what was the VERY first thing I did?  Why, I sent the epic photo to my hubby of course, who immediately responded, "where are you?  is that Trevor Linden??"

To which I replied ... "yes it is.  that's how I roll."


Have a great one ... 


jamiedelaine said...

that's so fun :)

Tawn said...


susan said...

WOW! I am not a huge hockey fan but growing up in the Lower Mainland how can I not be WOWED by this! TREVOR LINDEN! Super cool!
(cashmere & smelling good too - sigh!)