08 January 2012

[talk: Drowning.]

HELLO 2012!

Guess what?  It's PURGE week *grin*!!!

Oh yes, my friends ... I purge the house a lot - but after the Christmas hustle and bustle, I get itchy to get the extra stuff out.

We are blessed to have so many in our lives who's "love language" is gift giving.  Oh my goodness, the little things - the big things ... Christmas can be overwhelming with two families like ours.  Overwhelming in a truly fantastic way.

So ... January is purge month.  Out with the old, making room for the new. I will be going through closets (yes, it feels like I JUST did this ... but with growing kids, it needs to happen often); I'll be going through toy bins (eek ... broken toys, bits-of-toys, no longer-played-with-toys);  I'll be getting rid of things that we no longer need, things that will bless others, things that just take up room.

I know ... you hear this a lot from me.

But I find that as soon as I begin to feel like I'm drowning in extra-stuff, everything goes downhill for me. I start to eat more, and move less.  I start to feel down on myself.  I stop getting into the Word and feel a distance in my spiritual life.  And when I'm unhappy with myself, my home feels it.

The good thing is that I recognize it now - before I feel like I can't get up for air.  And I had a fanTAStic week with my family last week (more to post on that later) ... and now I have come home feeling behind, overwhelmed and ... drowning.

So - how am I going to beat it?

Well ... I'm going to look at the things that clutter up my home and clutter up my life and say, "you're not welcome here" and it's going feel like fresh air.


And I signed up for my first 10km race for next month.


That'll help *wink* ... 

And over on my RHP site ... another "I Heart Faces" challenge.  You can check it out HERE.

Have a great one ... and happy 2012!!


Shawna said...

WELCOME home and back to life, back to reality! Have fun sorting and tossing and getting some breathing space! Xo*S

White Girl said...

Organizing is one of my challenges in life, but when I do it, I feel so much better and energized. I like how you related the organization of your home to how you are doing on the inside. So true.

I just reorganized my son's room/ourclassroom and it feels so great. I'm actually excited to step into class these days!

Do you involve your children in sorting through their toys? We started doing that with our children at a very young age, specifically to go through to see what they could give away to less fortunate children. They actually do it themselves now, which is pretty amazing.

Happy decluttering! Here's to breathing free in 2012! Good luck on your marathon!