30 January 2012

[talk: Life Without A Gallbladder.]

I really am such an idiot sometimes.

I say that - not as an insult, although I can see why someone would think that.  No.  I say that as a wake-up call.

Anyone who reads this blog knows about my journey with trying to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.  Like most people, women especially, I do well ... then I fall hard and get down on myself ... only to get back to it, and feel good about myself.

But here I am - weighing the most I have in over a year (that's a hard thing to type) - and frustrated by what I feel is a lack of self control.  And, as someone who runs or stationary-bikerides, or does Jillian DVDS ... I wonder just how much MORE I would weigh if I stopped altogether.

This past weekend, I opened up to a few different girls as we had conversations about food and such.  I was really honest about, what I feel, is a sugar addiction.  I don't say that loosely - and again, if you read this blog I have mentioned it before.

But I truly think that it's time for me to get to the heart of the matter.  I mean - why is it that certain triggers make me scour the house for ANY type of sugary snack.  I think that I'm figuring out, it's not about self-control or even about overcoming my incessant need for sugar ... I want to figure out WHY I'm doing it, and stop it there.

This morning I woke up and weighed myself as I do every Monday morning.


I hung my head and knew exactly why the numbers were up ... after a week of skiing and carb-eating and night-time snack eating, I haven't gotten out of the habit.  Then, there was a wedding this weekend, many late nights, no fresh produce around etc.  It all makes sense.

But just before I sat to type this, my stomach was in knots and for some reason - it prompted me to check something online.

See, when I was about 27, I had my gallbladder removed.  I never received any advise on what to do afterwards, and after maybe 3 or 4 months of trying to be careful of high-fat foods, I completely forgot about it.  At 30, I had a new doctor after having Mattias and I don't think I've ever had a conversation with him about it.

For some reason, my bloated stomach and tight-water-retentive-fingers made me search and I ended up reading this online just a few minutes ago.  It was titled "Living Without a Gallbladder":  

"Digestive Enzymes - Take 3-5 capsules at least 15 minutes before each meal. You will need to take enzymes for the rest of your life in order to digest the good fats (Omega 3) which are essential for good health. Reduce chemical overload on the liver (pre-packaged food, personal care products, lawn products, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.)  Drink only filtered water - Try to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day. se a Probiotic - I recommend Latero-Flora (USA) or Flora Food (Australia). Reduce animal intake (meat and dairy) - When consuming animal products make sure they are free-range, organic and hormone-free. Eliminate white sugar and white flour.  Consume a green drink or pills equal to one-two tablespoons daily. Quantum Greens is a good choice.  Activated Charcoal - Some people have found that this helps with symptoms as it helps to sequester bile acid. Chinese Bitters (Chinese Gentian with Bupleurum) in the morning and Coptis with Bupleurum at night to stimulate bile flow. Exercise daily for 30 minutes. Walking is highly suggested.

Following the above suggestions will ensure that your digestive system operates to its fullest and will help to alleviate many of the side-effects from gallbladder removal." 

 * * * * * 

Um.  WHAT??  Ok ... I knew about the enzymes - and honestly, in the last 10 years I've probably taken about 10.  Not good.

I suffer from digestion issues ... and I am a complete moron for not linking the two together.  I am now feeling like I need to treat myself like a diabetic who needs to take necessary insulin.  My body isn't doing what I want it to, because it can't.  Good grief, even the first sentence about not being able to digest Omega3???  UM.  I've been adding Omega3 oils to my morning shake for about a year now **head smack**.  

AND it says to limit dairy, sugar and flour.  And you know what?   When I did that cleanse just before Christmas and went off of everything - I lost 5lbs in one week ... and it's ALL MAKING SENSE now.  

I'm telling you ... I feel like my eyes have been opened.

If I just remind myself that I simply cannot have certain food because my body can't have them - then it becomes more than just a matter of self-control.  It becomes a rule ... and I do RELALY well with rules *grin*!!!  Seriously.  I do.

So.  Today.  I'm going to go to the health food store and buy the necessary digestive enzymes that I need.  I just need to start REMEMBERING to take them.  And a probiotic ... when I do that, the bloating goes, everything runs smoother ...

I actually wonder how bad my liver is ... when I read the entire article, it spoke of how the gallbladder aids the liver - and the liver can survive without it - but it does put strain on it.  Which is why there are all of the suggestions of what not to eat ... to give the liver a break.

Anyway, I am excited about being healthy according to what my body needs/doesn't need.  And we'll see what it does when I treat it the way that it needs to be treated ... 

Seriously.  I'm such an idiot.  And if I forget again, you have full permission to smack me upside the head.  Well.  Maybe not literally *grin*.

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Ok ... that's it.  Time to exercise, get dressed and GO GET SOME ENZYMES *grin*.

Have a great one!


jamiedelaine said...

i take enzymes with almost every meal and avoid sugar, dairy and wheat 99% of the time. those 3 things are bad news.

White Girl said...

My gallbladder was confiscated because I was using it incorrectly as a purse to carry stones around. No one ever told me about the need to take extra enzymes! I do know that I feel so much better (more energy) when I cut my white flour consumption, and I rarely have dairy. Wow. This is going to change my life. Thanks for posting this! I'm putting these things on my "what to buy when back in the motherland" list.

Tawn said...

Jamie - you're so right. I just wish I had the self control to completely abolish those things from my diet! ...

Tawn said...

WG - I clicked to find out your name :-) But alas, WG you shall be :-)) ... thanks for all the comments you leave. I read every one!