17 January 2012

[talk: My 2012 "Word".]

For the last few years, I've asked the Lord for a "word" for the year.  One word ... a word that would keep me focused on His plan for my life.  Two years ago, it was "perspective".  And I can tell you truthfully that it was a powerful year for me in growth.  Last year, it was "intention".  I believe many things happened in my marriage, in my friendships, and in my role as a mother because of this word.  I found myself asking, "why am I doing this?  what's my motive?" so many times.  It was good ... Some days I was proud of myself and some days ... well.  I failed *smile*.  Glad He picks me up over and over again.

This year?  Well ... it's a strange thing.  Why?  Because I actually told a friend a couple of months ago what my "word" was.  And now?  I'm not sure if it's the same one *blush*.  Oh brother.  But this word that I've chosen now has been confirmed to me over and over and over as of late.

It is:  "generous".

We all know that having a generous heart is not really a money-thing.  It's not even a tangible gift-giving thing.  Having a generous spirit, to me, is seeing a need and meeting it with the resources that I have.  Whether it be financial, relational or hospitable ... whether through prayer, time or effort.


I find myself, as I do every year, challenged in more ways than one by my "word".  I'm a saver ... so giving money away when I would, perhaps, rather see it go elsewhere ... it's a challenge.   And being generous, to me, doesn't mean that it's easy ... for example, my hubby and I really like to host.  We like to be generous with those in our home ... but what about being generous to those outside of our circle.  What is God calling us, calling me, to do?  What does being generous really mean?

I think about my day-to-day.  My time is sacred ... I'm organized and have things set to the minute.  What about being generous with my time ... even if it's not convenient?

Oh, I'm thinking it's going to be a year of stretching for me, if I allow Him to do what He's planning.  But I believe that it's going to be a great year too.  I have many dreams of being better at who I am, of increasing the depths of wonderful relationships, of setting goals and meeting them with His help.  I want to stretch myself ... be wiser, healthier, friendlier.  I want to look at myself this time next year and see growth.  See change ... see fruit.

Last night I was reading the Word and this verse leapt off the page, without any plan on my part.  Again, it was such a confirmation to me:  

1John 3:17 ... "... if anyone has material possessions and sees a 
brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, 
how can the love of God be in that person?  Dear Children, 
let us not love with words or speech, 
but with actions and in truth."

Being generous.

And I guess now that you've read this, being accountable too *smile*.

Have a great one.


Shawna said...

Great word...I couldn't agree more!

Tawn said...

:-))) ...