13 February 2012

[digiscrap: Iphone PIcs.]

Well ... I'm frustrated.  After 2 weeks of consistent running (3-4x a week), Jillian DVD's on opposite days ("No More Trouble Zones" is my absolute 40minute favourite and can be downloaded in ITunes), watching what and when I eat - drinking buckets of David's Tea green tea and water, adding digestive enzymes to my diet (yay for that, I've noticed such a difference) and ...

I'm up.


I weighed 137.8lbs today and I just don't understand.  Perhaps I'm packing on muscle?  Is that really possible? Losing a pound of fat and gaining a pound in a week?  Pretty sure it's not, although I have no idea how long it takes to gain a pound of muscle. (I found THIS ARTICLE to try and find some answers). I definitely see the beginnings of springtime toning ... but still.  The ongoing battle continues ... how on earth I've gained 7lbs in two months .. and how I haven't been able to take an ounce off over the last two weeks, is nothing short of baffling to me.  I'm actually up in numbers after all of that?

Dang.  And I had felt pretty yesterday ... which proves that if I don't get on the scale, and my size 4 clothes fit, that's enough.  But I also know that my doctor wasn't happy with me at 132lbs this past summer.   Apparently, I should be, like, 118-125lbs for my height (ok - I actually find that amusing ... losing 20lbs?).   And the truth is, is that I feel like if I don't get my numbers down a bit - and as I continue to get older - I'm going to just keep packing on the pounds.  And eventually be a circle.  *grin*.  A circle.  That's kinda funny.

But it's frustrating, and I'm pretty sure most of you feel the same, because it always feels like I'm starting over from the very beginning.  Like all the work of last year means nothing ... and here I am back at the starting point.  I seem to find myself at this place too often.  It seems like it takes a month to lose 2lbs and a meal to gain it back ... 

Well.  There's always this week, right? *smile* A new day to try and get healthier and stronger.  And that's one thing that I'm always amazed at.  That If I didn't reach my goals yesterday, I can try and reach them today.  And if I miss the mark today, as long as God gives me breath, then I can try tomorrow.  The point is to never stop ... you don't ever "reach" your health goal without effort, even in maintenance (not that I've ever been at the maintenance stage). Being healthy, having my body function well and being strong,  it will be something that will be ongoing for the rest of my life.  Hmmmm.  Unless I give up and indulge myself into being content with not being those things.

I sure hope not.

Ok.  That's my Monday's weigh-in rant.  Beh.  NEXT week will be better *wink*.

Well ... let's see ... how about talking about PICS?  Oh - how I love pics.  But maybe you're not sure what to do with those hundreds of pics on your Iphone?  Well ... they can be loaded onto your computer, sorted, saved, burned and digiscrapped - just like any other image *grin*.  But you already knew that - right?

I have a few bazillion Iphone pics - but now they're somewhat sorted, some burned to disk, some deleted ... and most are awaiting their place in my digiscrap album. 

Well, here are a few that I've been working on as of late, using the only templates I ever use from my friend Yin at SimplyYin.  She is so incredibly generous with her freebies - and I buy her template packages all the time.  She has even showcased some of my pages on her site, like HERE and HERE.  Eek ... that's always exciting to me.  

These pages were from templates she designed specifically for IPhone pics ... brilliant.  Click the images to enlarge.

Have a great one!


Nickie said...

I totally understand your frustration! I've been there so many times and it's one of the reasons that I'm just not trying to lose weight right now. I'm eating healthy, working out and leaving it at that because I just can't handle the stress of being obsessed about my food and my weight.

The thing that I find interesting is the perspective your post brings. I've always looked at you and just thought "she's so skinny and pretty" so to hear that you battle with your weight as much as I do is almost refreshing (please don't take that the wrong way).

You mentioned fitting into size 4 clothes... if I fit into size 4 clothes I would think I was so ridiculously skinny! But again, it comes to perspective. We have different builds and while a size 4 is normal for you, it would be crazy skinny for me. Which makes me think that the BMI is crap. There are so many factors that it just doesn't take into account.

So screw the numbers. Screw the BMI. Go with eating good, exercising regularly, how you feel and how the clothes fit.

Shawna said...

Good word Nick! Very well said!

Tawn, I see you in real life, often. You my friend are far too critical of the number on the scale vs. the way you feel in your clothes. Your pencil skirt and fitted blouse yesterday looked phenom...and I'm not just saying that.

I understand your thoughts around trying to "figure it out" as to why the lb's are not going down and yet doing the opposite...it is a VERY frustrating battle, but don't feel like you're alone --- I too am trying to figure out the balance between food, fitness & the scale!

Love your digi scrap pages, I GOTTA get on mine :D

Happy Monday Friend! Xo*S

Tawn said...

:-) thanks for your comment Nicki. That's the reason I DO post it ... is because I know I'm not alone ... and honestly - I just want to be real about who I am and the things I struggle with. It's not about being perfect, it's not about hating myself ... it's about trying to do my best and how I win and lose at that. Like all of us. I weigh myself once a week .. so I do not obsess on a daily basis about the numbers. But it is disappointing when I get on the scale on Monday and see no black and white progress. That's all it is. I am competitive. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. And I'd like to be a weight that I SHOULD be at. No matter what people say, I should not be 137lbs. It's not healthy for my frame ... I was 110lbs when I graduated ... so whether I LOOK slim or not, I am almost 30lbs heavier than when I gradded. If someone else posted that, people would think "WOW ..they need to lose some weight" ... but because I don't look like it, people can see it as just being petty. The truth is that I FEEL like I'm 30lbs heavier than I was ... BUT. If I woke up today and was 125lb ... I think I would feel better. So ... yes. The numbers are evil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks girl :-). Again - I do this only because I know so many struggle and I know that they are not alone and neither am I :-). I think that sometimes people think I have it all together and this is a way for me to be real and say, " ack - this is what my journey looks like ". I do not have it all figured out I do not think that I have all the answers. I want to be healthy and live long. I think that the numbers become scarier as I
Get older because I know that it's just going to get harder. Not being at my optimum weigh means possible joint and bone issues. It means strain on my organs. An whee I carry the weight (around my middle) concerns me. So - this isn't about vanity - truly. It's about getting older and trying to live the best life I can. :-). But u know me - and already knew all that! From my phone so I have to be anonymous :-). But it's me. Tawn!

Yin said...

Hi Tawn, how nice to come by and find you have new layouts, what lovely iphone layouts! Love the 'with nanny' one especially :) Will be swiped for my blog and pinterest, just a warning!
I like you even when you're ranting and venting (smile) because you're real(!), though I probably shouldn't comment about weight and all, 'cos I've been skinny all my life :P
But I actually really admire that you're strong and fit and run and work out, as I age, being healthy and fit has become so important and so hard, and you rock!