19 March 2012

[talk: Me and My OnePiece.]

I'm going to be 38 soon.


Really??  How is that possible??

Well .. it's the truth.  And I am at a happy place in my life ... I continue to learn about who I am, and am having fun with that.  Our kids are at a great age, I love our home - business is going well, and I after 20+ years - they still let me lead worship at church.  

Life is good.  I feel good.

And even the tiny battle I have with my body image is starting to mature, I think.  At least it is for today *grin*.  Things are changing, and I won't be able to stop it ... it's harder to lose those couple of pounds, like I used to do in a week.  But I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life - even with the odd sugar binge.  It's pretty obvious that I'll never be taller *grin* ... my nose won't shrink *bigger grin* ... and my arms will alway be *cough* um, thick?  But God made me, and He made me well.

We were away in Arizona for a couple of weeks with friends ... and I brought 3 swimsuits.  One "tanning" bikini (that no one should ever witness me in ...); one two-piece that I can actually feel fairly confident in; and a one piece.

What did I wear?  The one piece.

Oh, it's super cute ... solid navy, strapless (for no tan-lines), rouched, with a white band around the top ... 

But ... it's a one piece.  That's for old people, right??

Well ... I came to the conclusion that no one ever sees my tummy, so why would I expose it for a tan?  And ... another reality is that I'm concerned about moles and the sun.  I don't know about you, but pregnancies put added moles on my body and, yeah, I don't like to mess with that.  

So, I've been covering up.

Now, maybe if I had a six-pack (is that what it's called on girls??), I'd prance around proudly.  But I don't ... so, instead, it's me and my one-piece.

And I felt GREAT :-))).  Although there are no pics of me in it to prove that I did ... thank goodness *wink*.  

I took this pic with Katia during a day at the water-slides in AZ.  You can kinda see the suit ... sorta.   More pics to come ... I took advantage of the freedom of my Iphone for most pics, and with them all already edited and ready-to-go, I'm not sure I want to even go through my Nikon pics ...

But I will *grin*.

Speaking of pics, please go check out my latest session with Shawn and Erica Miller on my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.  A preview ... 

Have a GREAT one :-) ... I will be tonight, for sure.

I have a date with Lady Antebellum, LIVE in Vancouver.   Oh yeah, baby.

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