27 March 2012

[talk: Reality.]

Well.  It's been a few days ... where am I at?


I've redone my RHP site (launching April 1, 2012) ... pretty excited about that.  Why?  Oh, just because it's fun *grin* ... and because I feel like it really represents me well.  I like it ... so yeah, I'm excited.    I'm also in the process of redoing my RHP blog ... I've hummed and hawed about doing this for over a year ... but when Blogger is FREE, why would I pay??

Well ... I decided to put up the coin and buy a template that I can manipulate into what I want.  Why?  Because I wanted my blog to flow with my site - and for it to appear more professional.  Plus, my new blogsite allows me to do far more than my current Blogger one.  

And when I bought it, it gave me the option of using the template for another site (that being, this one).   But then I'd have to register Homemakingirl ... yadayadayada. I don't know ... this doesn't get near the traffic that I think it would need to, to do that.


Not worried about that today ... 

Instead, I've been getting dinner ready all day.  We're having both sets of parents over - and every thing I've made is right from my Make By Homemakingirl blog.  And I see that I've had over 900+ hits??  Crazy ... 

What else?  Well - I haven't been running.  Or exercising, for that matter.  Hmmm ... that's not entirely true.  For some reason if I haven't exercised intentionally in the last 2 days, I feel like I haven't done it ever.  So, yes.  I have exercised - like only three times in the last 7 days.  I've been riding the stationary bike ... (yuck).

And I've made an appointment with my doctor.


I've decided it's time to look into orthodics for my running shoes.  I haven't run much at all lately, and for some reason it feels like my shins are getting worse??  So sad, as I feel like everything goes a bit downhill for me when I don't run.  I know that I should be having a more diverse exercise schedule, but I just love running so much ... I hate that my ankles and shins are causing me so much grief.

I get down ... stop working out ... start eating nutella out of the jar ... get mad at myself ... eat another scoop *grin*.  Feel worse ... you know how it goes *laughing* ... 

So I have an appointment next week with my doctor, who will hopefully recommend a good place to go to get my legs/ankles FIXED.  I've talked to so many people, and they've all said that orthodics changed everything for them.

I hope it will for me too.

Have a great one ...


Still Enjoying the Journey said...

LOL! You go girl ... take care of yourself. We're only getting older and more fragile! ;)

PS Let me know how it goes "getting your legs/ankles" ... last paragraph mis-type, I think! :)

susan said...

Blogger is a pain in my butt sometimes - but I'm too cheap & lazy to do anything about it!

I have a confession...I have a link to your MAKE blog on my recipe collection blog...I probably should have asked first, sorry! But you have great recipes! I hope you don't mind, if you do, I will remove it. *sheepish grin*

Tawn said...

Alex ;) you make me smile. Susan ... you go right on ahead and link my "make". that's why it's out there - but thanks for asking!!