06 June 2012

[cool products: BedHead Deep Waver.]

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time ... well - truth is, I haven't been steadily blogging for a long time *wink* ... But I've had a whack-load of girls ask me how I did my hair this past Sunday - so here it is:

It's called the BedHead Deep Waver.  Simply put, it's like a crimping-iron-hair-curler.  I got it in the States a few weeks ago and have been wearing my hair curly almost every day since.  Because I was born with poker-straight hair, having waves is a CRAZY experience.  Especially because I find these waves almost look 100% natural.

If you put product in your hair first, I suppose it could be more "permanent" looking and more stiff ... but I don't.  My whole feel was that I wanted "beachy-hair".  What on earth for, I don't know.  It's rained almost every day for the last 10 days.  

I did a little google search for this product and TONS of videos came up from Youtube.  So - if you're looking for ideas or "how to's" you could just go there ... and search "bedhead deep waver" ... or even "beach curls" or something like that.  Click HERE to see one.  

I'm astounded at how many people watch these things ... one "hair curling" video had over 2million hits.  Wooow.

Anyway.  So that's the secret.  And I'll be doing it a lot this summer, I'm sure.  Not only because I love the way it looks down - but how fun it is to put it up the next day.  It's thicker and just easier to do ...

I've decided that I'm going to  grow my hair out for a bit.  I've had it short for so long, it's nice to put it up for a change.  I get bored so quickly ... But if it gets straggly and icky ... then out will come the scissors.  I'm not 15, that's for sure (um, for like 20+ years) ... no need to have long hair just for the sake of it *grin*.

So.  Here are my two looks: straight ... and curly.

Fun stuff.

Have a great one!


Carissa said...

Glad you posted this! I was wondering how you were getting those waves!

Amber said...

Just curious where in the states you found it? I too have poker straight hair and love the Look this product gives:) thanks for sharing this!

Tawn said...

Hi Amber ... I got it at ULTA in the States ... I'm sure you could get it anywhere ... :-) good luck!