16 July 2012

[worship: I Need You More.]

The truth is - sometimes I'm a big, fat chicken.  And that's not an insult to my waistline - it's a wakeup call on my fear of approval.  Yeah, yeah - some days I don't worry about it ... but other days, I do.

Last week - I was sitting at the piano, preparing for last night's worship service,  and I felt compelled to record this song.  I was going to put it up on this blog - and then chose against it.  I was afraid that it would seem self-serving ... rather than the truth: I felt that the Lord was asking me to.  But, how could I explain that?

Well ... last night, I learned a valuable lesson.  See - I don't really think much about this blog. I mean, I do and I don't.  I have NO CLUE who comes and checks it out (unless you leave a comment, how could I?).  But after the Recovery Service, a "blast from the past" was walking by and I stopped her ... and I spoke her name.

She turned to me ... and that conversation has impacted me in more ways than I can tell you. See, for the last few years - I've been posting on my FB status "who wants free Christmas Production tickets" and this girl always answered, and came.  And as of late, I've been posting about the Recovery Service and it's times etc ... and guess what:  she came.

I had no clue ... but she's been coming for a couple of months.  And her life is CHANGED.  I stood there, in literal awe as tears streamed down her face.  She told me her story, how God has changed everything - "it's REAL, it's NO JOKE" she just kept saying as I stared wide-eyed.  

She hasn't had a drink since she gave her life to Jesus Christ.  I'm telling you - I just couldn't believe what she was saying ... I was overjoyed.   

I say all of that, not to toot my horn at ALL. BUT ... there is power in FB statuses, in blogposts.  People read them ... you read them, right?  She talked about my meal plans, about my kids (when they walked up she smiled, "I KNOW these kids" she said ...).  She said to be strong ... to keep on doing it.  To live for Jesus and not be afraid.

So.  That's what I'm going to do.  Thanks for the reminder ES *wink*.


JC said...

Absolutely beautiful. As one who reads regularly but comments rarely, I truly appreciate your posts. You are an inspiration and quite amazing (not to toot your horn either haha).

Keep doing what you are doing. I firmly believe you are right where you ought to be, doing what you ought to do. You matter. Not just in the 'theological' sense either - to real people and real situations, you are reaching people by being you.

Have a great week in the sunshine!

Yin said...

This is wonderful to hear!! SO blessed! He is wonderful!