09 July 2012

[digiscrap: 2011 is DONE.]


Yeah, yeah ... I'm still here.  The sun is shining (well, actually - it's night as I type this - so, not ACTUALLY shining right now ...) ... it's summer break and things are going well.

As per usual, I have a lot on my mind *grin* ... selling our house, preparing to move - I'm actually wanting to write a post on that because I'm already feeling a little bit like, "um - no thanks.  I think I'll just stay here ... I like it here.  I don't want to move.  Please don't make me."  How silly is that?  Gah, I wish I were one who thrived on change, instead of seeing it as the end of something that will never be again.   Change seems final, change makes me feel like life is passing too fast ... 

Boo on me.

ANYway - that's a different post ... 

This past week we had a family week away with some relatives and I managed to finish, yes FINISH, all of my digiscrapping for 2011.  I can officially take all of those images off of my computer (yay!!), and the massive scrapbooking files that I'm actually burning to disk as I type this ... 

They were uploaded into a 12x12 book from Blurb.com, and for $130+ I have a complete album of 2011, images and all.  EEK!  You couldn't even by the SUPPLIES at the local scrapbooking store for that price (my album is 156 pages).   I love that ... flat, tidy, all in one book.  This is the first time I've done it this way - I usually print out the 12x12 photos and slip them into a sleeve and then into a 12x12 album.  BUT this??  THIS is even better.  

I'll be sure to show you what it looks like when it arrives ... but for now?  A few of the 40+ pages I completed this week.


I'm so happy.

Have a great one!!

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Yin said...

Ah, these are what I came to see (and steal, hehe). Always know I can find inspiration here! Making a bumper post of showing off layouts soon, thank you for 'lending' your beautiful photos and talent for my 'free advertising'! :D