12 September 2012

[cakes: Hello Kitty Birthday Cake.]


Oh boy.  Here we go again.  

Katia is in LOVE with Hello Kitty, and when she decided on a Hello Kitty theme for her third birthday party - I spent the next few days on the internet trying to come up with a cake idea.

There were a LOT of really great ideas ... so, as always, I mixed a few ideas together and added a couple of my own.  And this time?  I completed the cake in under 30 minutes (not including baking the cakes ...)

Here's what I did.

I baked two 9x13 cakes.  ( I actually baked a chocolate cake recipe from scratch first, then decided I'd rather have white-cake.  I ate an entire row of chocolate cake within 20 minutes ... that recipe's HERE.)

I placed them on the cake-platter-thingy (oh yes, I know all the baker's lingo ...) ... and I stared at an image of Hello Kitty on the computer while did my best to cut out her head-shape out of the two cakes.  Very nerve wracking, I assure you ... 

I made some buttercream frosting, with added lemon flavouring ... covered the cake.  I should've done the sides, but I ran out of frosting and I couldn't be bothered to make more.  Sue me.  *grin*

I bought the fondant ... this time, I actually got it from Michael's and it was over $10.00.  Super pricey, yes - but considering that was the only "cost" to this cake, pretty much, it was all good.  One day I'll start making my own - but for now, I'll let the professionals do it for me ... 

I rolled out the fondant super thin, placed it over the cake, and fiddled with it.  But because there wasn't any icing on the sides - it didn't stick well.  

I made a bow out of pink ribbon.  This took me a while.  I'm not a girly-girl ... bows are not my thing.  But it turned out ok ... poked it into the fondant ... 

I was going to use liquorice for the whiskers, but I didn't have any and forgot to buy some.  I found some pipe-cleaner stuff from the craft box ... 3D whiskers - perfect.

I rolled some fondant into little balls ... made two black ones for the eyes, and a yellow one for the nose.  Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth for some reason - but no mouth just means an easier cake *grin*.  I used tooth picks to stick the details in - and then covered the hole up with more fondant.  Then I took the pic - only to realize that you could see the "fill".  So - I re-did them, put the toothpick in the cake FIRST, and put the fondant balls on top so there wasn't a hole you could see.  And then - I forgot to take another photo from above *grin*.

Added some writing and VOILA.  Done ... 

The next morning, Katia got up - and the boys were waiting for her.  THEY knew how this worked - but this was really her first cake where she actually understood what was going on.  The boys knew there was going to be a big "reveal" ... so they were cheering her on.   She was getting mad and telling them to stop *laughing* ... 

Josiah wanted to do the big "Reveal" ... so I let him, and I took the pics.

And she just stared at it and said, " ... is this MY Hello Kitty cake, Mommy? Did you make this for me, Mommy?" over and over ... it melted my heart.

Happy birthday, Boo Bear.  And thank you for choosing something simple this time!!  Your brothers need to learn that *grin*.

Have a great one!!

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