05 September 2012

[talk. Busy.Ness.]

I'd say I'm at the most CRAZY time of my life ... ever.   This week.  Oh, and next.  Let's see ... I did a wedding last week, on top of the 2 other shoots that I'm still working on for my RedHanded Photography business ... it's the first week of school, but just for my oldest.  Which means, I still have two at home ...

I'm leading worship this Sunday night ... and my list has to be in today ... Josiah starts gymnastics today - (yes, you read that right).  Katia's 3 year old birthday party is tomorrow - so I have a cake (oh Lord help me) to make ... good thing she wants a "Hello Kitty" cake - probably the simplest one I'll ever have to do ... 

I have my half marathon on October 21 ... which means I have to have time to do LONG runs.    And then - on top of all of that - we're moving.  Like - we get the "new" house next Friday and have to be out of this one by the 24th.


But ... I do love being busy, as crazy as that sounds.  I like "list writing" and crossing things off ... I like having something to "show" for my day ... but I won't lie:  I'll be happy when it's October.

A couple of other things ... I do love to blog, but it takes time *grin*.  I'm not going anywhere, I'll keep doing this - but only when I have enough time to practice my 65words-per-minute-typing-skills.

Secondly, I've been asked to start my weekly "meal planning" posts again.  That'll start again in October ... but for now, you can check out my "Make: By Homemakingirl" site for recipes, including this NEW one for Pizza Pinwheels - the perfect lunchbox recipe.

Wow.  Ok ... oven's beeping, cake is done - I can cross that one off my list *grin*.

Have a great one!

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