09 October 2012

[talk: Debrief.]

I'm supposed to be working ... it's 9:30pm on Monday night ... and I should be working.  On what?  Oh, I don't know ... a gazillion photoshoots that I've done in the last 10 days, including two - yes - two weddings.

I'm drowning.

Oh - don't get me wrong - I LOVE it.  But I need more time.  Always more time ... but as I cross things off of my list this week, I'll be able to breathe.

I should be working.

But I feel like I need to debrief a bit ... so here seems like a pretty good place to do so.

1.  Carrie Underwood.  I saw her.  Live.  Last week ... along with a stadium full of other Carrie-lovers.  It was pretty incredible.  In fact, the whole evening was.  A fantastic dinner out with old and new friends ... a crazy-impressive concert ... and a whole lotta great memories.  If you haven't seen Carrie in concert - you should.  But don't expect banter and spontaneous jokes.  No, instead you should expect song after song, all sung at the absolute peak of what they could possibly be - over and over and over.   Amazing.

2.  Our home.  It's a home ... feeling good, not drowning as much.  The weather has been FANTASTIC, so I'm sure as it starts to rain we'll feel the smallness of our place.  But we are happy here ... and we've put the "building" plans on hold for a bit.  We're going to just relax and enjoy where we are at.  We are in no rush ... at least right now, we're not *wink*.

3.  Church.  I love my church ... you know that.  But this Sunday is going to be a bit of a sentimental thing for me.  Why?  Because my brother and I are leading together - for the first time EVER.  I'm excited ... Sunday morning, Christian Life Assembly, 9am and 11am.  

4. Running.  I will run again ... but I've bailed on the halfer.  I feel ok about it.  Really.  At first, I felt like a failure ... but something had to give - and it was that.  I will do one again - but when I don't do things like, oh - I don't know ... MOVE.  *laughing*.


I should be working.

I've debriefed ... I feel good.

Off to work ..

Have a great one!!

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