24 July 2013

[talk: Buh.Bye.Prime.]

Here's the truth ... the last few years have been lovely.  Wonderful, in fact ... I've never felt healthier, stronger, smarter ... even pretty.  Yes.  I've even felt pretty.

Now, before I get into all of this - this is pretty personal stuff.  So why blog about it?  Because I know I'm not alone ... and honestly?  I kinda wish someone would've told me about their journey like,  eight months ago.  Now, yes - it's personal.  And I say that, because if you're a guy - go away LOL.  Obviously - you need not know about my cycle and the issues I've been having.  Hopefully, just saying "cycle" has made you click the "x" off of this page ...

Ok.  Basically, this is my story.  I got pregnant with Mattias after being on the pill for 5years.  We had zero issues with conceiving, really, with any of our kids.  I think the longest was 2 cycles.  I never went back on the pill after having Mattias - and so because I was having no issues with getting pregnant, I never really kept an eye on my cycle.

I did my best to try and get my "body back" between each pregnancy - but I have never gotten down to pre-pregancy weight.  EVER.  Even after running my half marathon ... nope.  My wedding weight was 124lbs, my pre-preggo wieght with Mattias was 128lbs.  The lowest I've been since then has been 131lbs, I believe.

But whatever, right?  Age, muscle mass ... yada yada yada ... there are all kinds of factors.  

After Katia's birth, I knew she would be my last and I really wanted to be in the best shape of my life.  I started running - which was a miracle, really, if you knew how much I had despised it in high school.   I did the half marathon - but all during this time, my cycles were spuratic and inconsistant.  Pretty typical for a long distance runner, right?  Right.

Fast forward to November 2012.  At this point, Katia was just over 3years old, and I'm thinking that my cycles should be more regular.  I went to my doctor and explained my symptoms and he said, "Keep track of things, and if they don't change by spring - we'll get some testing done."

So we went away to the South Pacific, came home, January, February, March, April ... then, in May I decided to ask a few of my girlfriends if any of my symptoms seemed strange to them.  They all kinda looked at me like I was a bit off my rocker - and one of them said, "um - have you seen your doctor?"  Oh right ... it's past Spring.  I should get on to that ... 

I made an appointment with my doctor and we had a long chat.  Here's where things get personal, so please forgive me - but I feel that this is important to someone who may read this ... my symptoms:  hormonal fluctuations - like CRAZINESS.  Without getting into details - let's just say that my husband is a lucky guy *wink*.  But, the downside is that my body keeps producing these masses of hormones - and it's a very frustrating thing.  VERY frustrating.   On the hormonal surges, I am the energizer bunny - go go go go goooooooooo.   But when they stop, I'm exhausted, unmotivated - and disappointed in my lack of ability to do anything.  I noticed that I was eating sugar during these low hormone times - to try and perk myself up.  It would work for an hour or so - but then I'd crash.  Thus the weight gain, I think.  Almost 10lbs since January.   

My skin is all over the map ... cystic acne that is painful.  And it's like it spreads like wildfire.  And the scarring ... the scarring is enough to make me cry.  Black  splotches that cannot be covered up - I have NEVER in my life had issues like this before.

And my cycles ... they are sometimes 12days long, and happen every 14-17days.  I have gone out to events, and had to leave because I wasn't prepared for my body to set things in motion that day.    For who knows how long now, they've been starting for 2 days - then stop for three or four - then it comes back with vengeance for 7-9days.  It's craziness.

The truth is - is that for the last 8 months of my life, I find that I only feel "normal" for about 9 days a month.  NINE DAYS. 

I relayed all of this info to my doctor ... and a few appointments were scheduled.  First, my blood work.   Each one of my hormones was checked.  My thyroid for weight gain was checked.  My iron was checked.  I can't even remember everything else that my doctor went over with me - but it was thorough.    And it all came back fine.  I was told that my hormones were all in balance (gah!!) - but that's a good thing, because I'm not pre-menopausal, and my balance indicates that my ovaries and such are in good working order.  I'm not planning on using them *grin* - but, that's still a good thing.

The second thing that I had done, was an internal ultrasound.  It's about as yucky as it sounds, but whatever.  I've had four kids ... I'm over all that yuckiness *smile*.  The strange thing, is that it was done in the EXACT room that we found out about Shalom's anencephaly in.   That was weird.

The results from that ultrasound showed a couple of things.  One, I have a benign tumour at the top of my uterus called a polyp.  Very common.  And apparently, polyps can cause excessive bleeding.  Check one from my list.  Next, they found a fibroid ... another type of tumour that causes excessive bleeding, clots and prolonged periods.  Also very common.  Check two from my list.  

So.  I got some answers, and I feel good about that.  My next step is to visit my new friend - the gynaecologist, with whom I have an appointment with on Monday.  I've been told by my doctor, that it is most likely that I will have to have a DandC - which doesn't sound like a lot of fun.  Basically, I will get Roto Rooter-ed out ... And yet - it's probably a good thing to do.

My hope is that IF I have the surgery, that it will stop the crazy cycles and that my body's hormones won't be all over the map.  If I can get that under control, I feel like I will be "winning".  I can then feel stable and hopefully not feel the need for sugar to feed my body what it thinks it's missing.

My doctor also took the time to go through a lot of "non" medical things with me.  He told me to hold back on long distance running - not like I've been motivated to do that with these RIDICULOUS cycles I've been having.  But he said that long distance running can cause women's cycles to be inconsistent, and even stop entirely.  He's advised to do 5-7km as a max for now.  Secondly, he talked about sleep.  HA!  If you know me - the nights are when I work ... usually from 9pm-midnight or later.  He said that had to stop.  My body was confused and needed rest.  Third, he talked about water intake.  I was dehydrated, according to my blood pressure - which actually made sense to me.   He said that my weight gain seemed to be water retention, more than anything.  So - if I started upping my water intake, the numbers should change.

I should also say that this lovely man told me that I was not over weight.  Bless his soul.  I know I am, but he was saying that I was strong, healthy, and he even used the word lovely.  He wanted me to not worry about the scale, while he tries to manage what the real issues are - the bleeding.  What a great doctor.

So.  There you have it ... my journey.  Is my "prime" over?  Is it all downhill from here? Is my skin going to sag, and my age spots start growing, and my hair start thinning out?  Probably - it's inevidable, right?  

But for now, I'm going to just try and get this stuff under control - and not worry about the lines on my face.  And I will keep you posted - if you're interested.  Again, I really hope this wasn't offensive to anyone.  In fact, my prayer is that it will HELP someone. 

Ok. That's it.

Have a great one *smile*.

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