09 March 2010

[talk: Age Appropriate]

I think the yuckiest thing about getting older, is trying to re-define yourself.  I mean, going from single, to dating, to engaged, to married, to being a mother ... each time I panic and wonder what that new title means to me just being - well - me.

There is something very cool about getting older, though.  You tend to know what you like, what you don't.  You tolerate things you never would have before, and say "enough is enough" when necessary.  For me, I've learned about the whole "grey" area, that I think God lives in a little more than the black and white.  I've learned about compassion - about seeing how we're all just one choice away from getting off track, so maybe a kind word might be better than a judgemental glance.  I've learned to listen to those who matter, and respectively decline the opinions of those who do not.  That I cannot please everybody, and that's ok.  But here's where I go a little insane - and not in a good way (you're going to laugh, especially with the way I set this up to be some profound, deep post ...).  Here's the thing.  I'm not terribly sure of what to wear *blush*. 

I'm afraid of looking like a mid-life crisis (oh, Lord help us all ...).  I mean - how does one balance looking current, yet not succumbing to the trends of the teens??  Like - skinny jeans.  Is there an age limit on that??  I hope not ... I just bought a pair *wink*.

Trying to represent myself as a mom, who cares about looking presentable, current and appropriate - proves to be a bit tough.

Anyone else out there know what I'm talking about?


Julia said...

That's awesome! I am feeling exactly the same!!
I always feel thet I don't wear clothes that are 'old' enough for me. It's so hard because I don't want to look like a business woman all dressed up, but I also don't want to live in my trackies (well maybe I could!).
I have actually been asked for ID a few time lately buying wine because I'm dressed in a hoodie. Like I look 18. Not!
I want 'nice' clothes that make me feel good.
I have recently bought my first pair of skinny leg jeans and I love them!
I have started to look at shops other than surf stores but it's so hard. I like their clothes. At the moment I'm still feeling a bit 'if you like it, wear it'. Until someone tells me I look ridiculous I might just keep doing that =)

AlisonVeritas said...

ugh totally. I keep going into stores and thinking, ummm I'm a mom, I don't think I need large ripped gashes in my clothes...

Joanne said...

News Flash! It doesn't get better!

Just here to encourage...LOL

The Samy's said...

I am in the same boat as you! I just had my baby girl 10 months ago and struggling to find a new wardrobe as my old one was full of business suits and work clothes! What does a hip mama wear these days?!?

Laura said...

Tawn, I love you! You just wear whatever the heck you want to wear! THAT'S what shows who you are (it doesn't make you who you are, of course, but it helps showcase who you are). I just caught a brief moment of some talk show somewhere and she had this lady on talking about how all styles can truly be worn by all ages, with some variations to them. As long as you're not dressing like you're heading off to a rave (smile) we're all good!! All of that to say, since I've had kids I've completely lost my sense of style. BTW - none of us should be wearing 'rave' wear... now if you'll excuse me, writing this has made me want to take off my platform pumps and sequin halter and just put on some normal clothes.

Love ya!

Tawn said...

HA!! Thank you ladies for your comments :-) ... nice to know I'm not alone with my "how the heck is that supposed to cover my muffin top???" feelings *wink*.

I think I'm going to post on this a bit more ... seems to be something that we could all chat about!