15 September 2013

[meal planning: Week Three.]

Although it may not seem like it, I assure you my entire life isn't revolved around meal planning.  In fact - meal planning is the smallest part of my life - but so incredibly necessary for my sanity.  So, here I am - at 11:47pm on Sunday evening ... planning.  Printing out the list.  Putting it on the fridge ... and the kids are already used to running and checking out their meals for the day ... so crazy.  So fun.  Well ... not fun.  Just crazy.

Meal planning helps me for the unexpected ... like when my son went to emergency on Friday night from 1am-630am with croup.  I don't meal plan for Saturday - but even just seeing some ideas helped me for Saturday when we were all grumpy and wiped.  Turkey Wraps worked just fine for Saturday night's dinner ... 

But please ignore the lack of spunk in these meals.  My hubby won't be around for dinner for 4 nights this week - and with piano lessons, swimming lessons, baseball practice, kids church activities and Recovery Church special meetings ... well.  One night of McDonald's is going to allow me to actually be on time ... no guilt.  We all do a Micky D's run every now and then, right??

Ok.  Enough.  I'm tired ... here's the list *yawn*.

B ::  toast with peanut butter
L ::  penne with tomato sauce&ricotta, apple sauce, 1cup popcorn
D ::  panko and parmesan chicken strips, yam fries, salad

B :: hard boiled eggs and buttered toast (do eggs the night before)
L :: ham&cheese buns, carrots&ranch dip, grapes
D :: McDonalds

B :: pancakes with maple syrup
L ::  applesauce muffins, cucumbers&dip, pretzels
D ::  do-it-yourself pita pizzas (ham&pineapple, cheese)

B :: cereal
L :: cheese quesadilla, apple sauce, carrots&dip
D :: lasagna, caesar salad

L :: crackers&cheese, fruit snacks
D :: shredded chicken casserole, baked yams, peas.


... have a good one *yawnnnnnn*.

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RS said...

If my kids saw your Tuesday night dinner (mcdee's) they would be jumping off the walls with excitement! I've done a monthly dinner plan for years but last week I started planning out breakfast and more importantly after school and after dinner snacks - so much easier than trying to think of them on the spot.