22 September 2013

[mealplan: Week4.]

Another week of planning ... last week - wow - this was a LIFESAVER.  This week?  We'll be eating together as a family ... and for that, I am very grateful.

I'm working on a few other posts - but truly - haven't had the time to finish them.  

So.  For now ... I'm staying organized and feeling like I'm gettin' into the grove of things.  Plus, I'm always trying to expand my meal-plan repertoire - although I love having things that I fall back on when I don't want to actually think *smile*.  

Something new for us this week - bagels and cream cheese.  My boys are addicted to Nutella (can you blame them) - thus the reason I meal plan for breakfast too ... trying to limit Nutella to once, maybe twice, a week.  I bought the bagels and purchased two kinds of spreadable cream cheese ... chocolate and strawberry.  I know, I know ... Nutella vs chocolate cream cheese ... hey - I read the ingredients.  The cream cheese is a MUCH better choice - and, SCORE - they LOVED it this morning ... boom.

Here's this week's plan ... have a great one!!

B ::  baked crescent rolls with nutella
L ::  ham and cheese buns, pretzels, grapes
D ::  crock pot orange chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli

B :: hard boiled eggs (do eggs the night before), bagels and cream cheese (chocolate/strawberry)
L :: Mac N Cheese (made the night before), cucumbers&ranch dip, apple sauce
D :: Perogies, sausage, salad

B :: cinnamon toast
L ::  pizza pinwheels, apple slices, carrots and dip, pretzels
D ::  Tex-Mex Wraps (ground turkey, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, cheese)

B :: pancakes and maple syrup
L :: cheese quesadilla, apple sauce, snicker doodle cookies
D ::  Skinny Italian Creamy chicken, egg noodles, salad, jello for dessert *smile*

L :: Applesauce muffins, carrots and dip, fruit snacks
D :: out for dinner

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