05 January 2014

[digiscrap: Crossing Of My List.]

I'm on a roll.

I still have about 30pages left ... but in the last few weeks, I've done more than double that.  Plus, I was able to get ALL of 2013's pics edited and ready for digiscrapping.

See, I have a process.  First, I upload my pics into Lightroom.  Then I edit them, and export them into jpegs (I shoot in RAW ... not to be confused with "in the raw" *big grin*).  Once they're exported, they go into a file marked "to be saved".  One there are enough edited images in that folder, I burn them to disk - and move them to the "saved" file.  Those images are then digiscrapped without papers and journaling - just the images - then, the file where they were "saved", all those pics are deleted once started scrapbooking.  Then - I go back when there are about 10 digi pages prepped, and I finishe them off, and THEY go into a "to be saved" file - where they are saved at 24x12 and 12x12 (times 2) pages.  They sit on my hard drive as 12x12 jpeg images until they are put into a Blurb book.


See??  It's crazy.  Just writing it all out made me seem like a loon.  But - it works for me.  What DOESN'T work, is trying to do a years worth of editing and digiscrapping in the month of December.  NO.  That doesn't work at all ... 

Ok ... here are the next batch of pages.  Feel free to double click them to enlarge.  WAY more to come, if you're interested *smile*.

Have a great one!

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