21 January 2014

[talk: What I'm Loving Now. Again.]

Well - I haven't posted in a while - no sleep lost over that.  I have posts waiting to be published on digi scrapping - but I wanted to do something FUN.  I had someone ask me recently, "when are you going to do another 'things I'm loving' post??"  As I hadn't done one in a lonnnnng time, I thought that maybe it was time to rummage through my life and see what things are my faves.

So, here's a list of things that I'm loving' right now ... they are in my life and I'm happy they are *wink*.

1.  Nude Tink "Escents" Shimmer Lip Balm

I've never smoked, and yet I'm still weary of getting those lines around my lips as I get older *yuck*. I'm a bit of a chapstick queen  ... but this product is PERFECTION for me.  I found it at our local mall at Escents - a place that sells oils and diffusers etc.  It was a fantastic find, even though it was a bit pricy at $7.99.  It lives in my truck, but I'm thinking that maybe I should by a family of them and put them all over the place *wink*.  

2.  "It's a Long Story" Arbonne Mascara

HANDS DOWN the best mascara I have EVER used.  It's pricy - no lie at $40+ - but so was the total cost of the collection of 5 mascaras that I hated.   Better to pay for one fantastic one, than 5 cheap ones that are ... yucky.  And if you're in need of a good Arbonne representative, comment at the bottom - I know a few girls who would love an opportunity to get your hands on one of these ... 

I have a love/love relationship with ice cream.  This 100 calorie snack is sooooo good. That's all I need to say about that.

I am always looking for something to HELP me with my slight addiction to all things chewy and sweet.  I saw this Dr.Joey person on the TV show "Shark's Tank" and thought, "hmmmm .... ".  She stated that most people have issues from 2-4pm and 8-10pm ... and that these SATISFY.   "Yeah, right," I thought.  So I headed to Nature Fare and got myself a bag ... and they're SO good.  I have 2 - and that's all I need.  I know, I sound like I'm lying ... they're not super sweet - but have the texture of a tootsie roll.  They're chewy, less than 20 calories per chew AND they have FIBRE in them too.  Win/win, I'd say.  

Their new album came out last year - and I'm sure I've gone all "blah blah blah" about them before.  But - they are SO amazingly amazing.  She has a voice like an angel ... and their country/folk/indie feel is something I can't get enough of.
6.  Fit Bit Force

This was my hubby's and my gift to each other this Christmas, and I LOVE it.  This thing keeps me moving.  It measures numbers of steps, numbers of flights-of-stairs, number of active minutes ... along with measuring sleep patterns.  It syncs with My Fitness Pal for calories vs exercise ... and buzzes with silent alarms if you haven't been moving in a while.  10,000 steps every day is my goal ... and 20 flights of stairs.

7. Maternity Belly Bands

Don't laugh.  No, really.  Stop laughing.  I am NOT preggo.  But I love these.  They're used for growing bellies, to hide the crack of skin as shirts and pants grow farther apart.  But I wear them as extended tanks/skirts with leggings ... they're like a girdle, without the bulk or the pain of straps with tank tops.  I wear mine mainly over leggings, layer them up - suck myself in, and never fearing that I'm going to give a peep show to that poor individual behind me LOL.  ALSO, if you go to this Etsy site the title above is linked to, you'll discover that if you LIKE her FB page, she'll give you an added discount - as long as you contact her before purchasing.  So, I got 5 (black, white, denim, grey, and avocado) - shipped in a week to my door, for like, $25.  They are well made, perfectly stitched ... insert "cheer" here ....

Ok.  That's it.  Man, that was a lot of work ... obviously that's why I hadn't done one of these in a while LOL.

Have a great one!

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