31 March 2014

[mealplan: Week Whatever-It-Is.]

Well.  I'm pretty wiped after an emotional Sunday ... involved in both the morning and evening services.  So thankful for sunshine - and some schedule.  Although Spring Break was so good ...


A mealplan for the week.  That's all-I-got-for-you.


Have a great one!

B ::  hardboiled eggs, toast with butter
L ::  ham and cheese buns, cheese ritz crackers, cucumber&dip
D :: French Country crockpot chicken, egg noodles, brocolli
Dessert :: grape jello

B :: toast with nutella
L  :: macaroni&cheese, blueberry applesauce; cucumber&dip
D ::  thai peanut chicken stirfry with rice noodles
Dessert :: gluten free brownies.

B :: pancakes with maple syrup
L ::  pizza pinwheels, fruit snacks, apple slices
D ::  ground turkey wraps w/cheese, avocado& tomatoes, lettuce                            
Dessert :: ice cream

B :: pancakes with maple syrup
L :: ground turkey wraps with cheese, avocado and tomatoes; pizelle cookies
D :: crockpot garlicky pork tenderloin, brown rice, salad
Dessert ::watermelon

L :: quesadillas, carrots & dip, pretzels
D :: make your own pizzas, cut veggies

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