15 September 2014

[mealplan: Back At It.]

It's been a while ... I've been busy.

But one way to make my life simpler, is to meal plan.  It just takes the angst out of my daily duties as the "chef" in our home.    Our school is "nut-free" - completely.  So, I try my best to be creative ... although now that I've been doing meal plans for the last year or so, I definitely rotate the same things over and over.  

Like, Wednesdays are ALWAYS "wrap" night ... with jello.  Then, the lunch the next day - is left overs.  Easy peasy.

Maybe this will help you - or if YOU have any great ideas, I'd LOVE to know!!

B ::  crescent rolls with nutella
L ::  leftover pasta, ricotta, cheese string, apple sauce, fruit snack
D ::  Baseball - OUT (tim hortons)        

B :: pancakes with maple syrup
L ::  ham and cheese buns, cucumber slices, cut melon
D :: crockpot chickencordon-bleu, steamed brown rice, peas    Dessert: fruit salad

B ::  toast with butter, scrambled eggs
L ::  jam or ricotta buns, sticks+stones, apple sauce
D ::  ground turkey wraps with cheese, avocado and tomatoes                            Dessert: jello

B :: toast with nutella
L :: ground turkey wraps with cheese, avocado and tomatoes
D :: cheese pizzas, veggies+dip
Dessert: pizelle cookies

L :: quesadilla, carrots&ranch dip, pizelle cookies,

D ::  out

Have a great one!

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