02 January 2015

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If you're a FB friend, I have posted a couple of albums of our Christmas celebrations there.  The holidays are FULL of family time -- with so many birthdays mixed in with the regular Christmas traditions our family shares.  So no blogposts on them ... 

But the other holiday tradition we have in our home, is hosting a NYE Party.  We have done it for about a decade now ... with a group a close friends, a pot-luck fondue meal and a whole lot of laughing.  This year was a little different, in that it was also my hubby's 40th bday.

Yes, his bday is on NYE - another big reason we celebrate.  But our NYE gathering is never really a 'bday party' -- although this year, I did manage to sneak in a couple of bday-ish things.  

Once the kids were fed and safely playing, the gang of 20 adults took a seat.  And as usual, KW started off our dinner by belting out "Happy birthday" ... every.  year.

A lot of our "usual" group of NYE-ers were away or had other plans.  This meant we invited a lot of newbies this year and it worked out just perfectly.  There were even people who had never even FONDUED before ... that's super fun to watch - people have a blast trying something that you already love to do.

The meal started with the always-necessary "hands-raised-prayer" ... gah.  Why my B+W pics upload onto blogger in sepia tone, I'll never know.  Not a fan of sepia ... but I sure love this pic LOL.

Kudos to my hubby for creating a seasonal addition onto our home deck ... a tent - equipped with heaters, Christmas lights and a borrowed-sound-system.  It's the ONLY way we could ever seat this many people ... 

One of the things that Lu had done at the party he had for me this year (Part One HERE ; Part Two HERE), was ask three friends to say a few nice words.  For me, it was the highlight of the night, for sure.  Having people you love say nice things?  Who wouldn't want that?

So I did the same ... and the guys spoke such love and truth over Lu.

Then, some bday cake.  I made Lu's favourite Coconut Cake with Coconut Cream-Cheese Frosting.  My love language ... baking.  HA!

Then, inside to clean up. 

Then ... at around 11pm some guests needed to leave and get their kids in bed, while the rest of us headed inside and began the "Name Game".  Special thanks to Ian + Danielle for heading that up ...  

With just a few minutes to spare before the countdown, the kids came upstairs and joined us all in ringing in 2015.

And then?  Some stayed, some called it a night ... 

It was a great way to bring in the New Year - and I hope that whatever you did, whomever you were with, it brought you a whole lotta joy and smiles!!  And here's to a 2015 worth remembering *grin*!

Have a great one! xx

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