19 August 2015

[talk: Tias' Baptism.]

I haven't blogged in a long time ... honestly - summer has been SO much more full than I had expected + blogging just hasn't been a priority.  I blog to let my out-of-town family know what's going on in our little lives ... but - you're reading this - so it connects me with YOU too!

This, I definitely wanted to blog:  Mattias' Baptism.

This evening exceeded all and every expectation I had.  When our friends Jason + Kevin,  who happen to pastor our Recovery Church, asked my hubby and I about Tias' baptism -- we kinda looked at them with blank faces.  Tias is a "young" eleven (just turned last week) - and the girls his age had already been looking into getting baptized ... while he hadn't even spoken of it with us.  

Many of our close friends have a child the same age as Mattias, and they will all be attending our pre-teen church camp (Rev Camp) together in a few weeks.  It's a known thing that many campers choose to get baptized there - which is so great.  But we, as parents, decided that we wanted this to be a "family" thing - something we didn't want to miss.

That sparked a lot of conversation in our home - and over the next month or so we talked to Mattias about the purpose behind choosing to be baptized.  That ultimately, it was publicly stating his intentions to follow Christ.  Baptism is a symbol - not salvation.  He wouldn't be proclaiming that he would be perfect, that he'd never fail, never doubt.  It wasn't some unobtainable goal or oath ... it was simply the recognizing of God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit and his desire to follow his faith.

He was totally in.

So - we began to plan ... 

Both Jason and Kevin have homes on the lake, which is where they thought would be the perfect location.  They invited a number of families of children the same age - some who couldn't make it, unfortunately - but four families could.  We came for a BBQ potluck dinner before hand and were encouraged to invite the grandparents for 7pm -- dessert and baptisms.

After dinner, Kevin and Jason took the four kids to do a "class" --- to explain more about the decision they were making, making sure this was their choice --- and let them know what questions they would be asked, in front of their families.

That's when my parents arrived.  Now - I took a LOT of photos; photos of all the families.  But I'm going to just share Mattias' story - not all of the other kid's - here.  Their stories are their own, told by their families ... 

This is my friend Charlene ... we've been dear friends since I was 14 and she was 12 ... a lot of history, a lot of laughs, a lot of tears.  How amazing that our kids were getting baptized together ... 

Everyone gathered on the deck - and it began.

Both Kevin and Jason shared.  Both come from a life of addiction - both have completely restored lives with solid marriages and families.  When they speak of the grace and love of the Lord, they KNOW what they're talking about.

And Mattias was chosen to go first ... 

They asked him about his love for God, his belief in His son, Jesus - the Saviour of our sins.  And if it was his desire to serve Him all the days of his life ... 

The grandparents were beaming ... I was so grateful they could all be there -- it was incredibly special.

So upon his declaration of faith - he was baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

And we all cheered!!

The three other children followed suit ... and were baptized as well.

Then, they all stood together while the grandparents prayed out loud for them from where they sat.

And Jason and Kevin had arranged to have certificates printed out for each child ... wow.  So thoughtful!

It sits in Mattias' room, as I type this ... 

After that, it was pretty much over -- the grandparents all left, and we were all just on a bit of a buzz from the whole thing.  It had been so exciting, so incredibly special ... 

So - yeah.  I mean - I'm hoping that Josiah and Katia will have the same opportunity to have an evening set aside for such a momentous  occasion ... 

Good thing Jason has a son and daughter the same age as them *wink* ... 

 Have a great one!

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