24 June 2008

[Organizing: The "To Do" List]

I like lists. They make some people go mental, but for me - they give me a sense of completion, of accomplishment. But it's frustrating when you take something off your list, only to have it added on the next day. But that's how it goes for us SAHM's. Our office is our home ... we start work the INSTANT we open our eyes. Making beds, tidying the bathroom, getting the kids clothes ready for the day ... And that's before we even walk down the stairs. Then, for me, it's a "OK - what needs to be done and what CAN I get done?"

I try to be efficient with everything I do. I don't go up the stairs unless I have enough stuff to put away. I go to the bank on the way home from Costco, because it's on that side of the road. And I'm learning that I it's a waste of time to tidy up the house 10 times throughout the day. I mean, the boys are taught to put their toys away when they're finished with them and before they start a new activity - but the "stuff" that accumulates gets cleaned up 3 times now. Once before lunch, once before my husband comes home from work, and once before bed.

I have found this type of scheduling to be very helpful:

Sundays: church, Costco grocery shop, clean out fridge
Monday: laundry, healthy baking (snacks for the week), dinner at in-laws
Tuesday: change all sheets,fruit/veggie grocery shop
Wednesday: mall-day (playground for boys, Walmart supplies for me)
Thursday: vacuum main, dust main, library with boys
Friday: vacuum stairs & upstairs, any appointments (ie haircuts, dr. appt etc...)
Saturday: all bathrooms and bedrooms

Of course, there are exceptions to everyday. And obviously, there is more to be done in the day than just those things ... play dates, dinner preparing, family walks to the park ... but you get the idea.

Today's list:

*changed the sheets last Thursday and we were away for the weekend*
make snack for morning at the lake w/boys
HH12 gifts (a girl's group I'm in ...)
Tias' preschool "family day" at the lake
pick up a few groceries
make dessert to tonight's HH12
input banking onto my computer
Pilate's workout
dust main floor
make dinner
bathe boys
put boys to bed
HH12 group

It's a pretty average day. Hope the sun comes out for the lake!!


Char said...

You know you are good friends when...

I was just going to post something similar. After our conversation yesterday, when you said, "You really need to send me your schedule", I got thinking...that would make a good post. Titled...'Are we really that busy?'

grin...two peas in a pod we are...

Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Wow ... sounds like a great day! I wish we were closer ... I could learn so much from you & Char! My list now contains a "thank Tawn for the fun part to-dos!" You blow my mind.