09 July 2008

[Digiscrap: NYC]

Last night I gave the NYC book I created for my dad. He knew about it - but was so excited to get it. So, at 10:30pm I showed up at my folk's place and we sat around the kitchen table together. Dad was telling mom about all the places - and would smile when he read. I had spent so much time with the journaling details of this trip - I felt that was the most important thing. He would laugh and say, "Oh yeah - of course! I had forgotten that .." which was SO cool. I knew that I had created something special for him.

It'll take him hours to read it all - but last night he scanned through it twice - each time getting a little slower as he absorbed it all. And it made me so happy. So - I have the same book - and I'll sit with my H and show him everything about our NYC trip. It was the most treasured vacation ...

Here are some of the digi pages ... I won't post all 60pgs *GRIN*. But here are few to start you off... They are NOT in the order of the book - just a few random pages ...

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