08 July 2008

[talk: Withdrawal]

So, I have this addiction to the Bachelor/Bachelorette Series. Perhaps it's the romance or the drama - but for me, it's also the game. I usually watch the very first show, to see who I think will be chosen. And then I skip through a couple of weeks and start seriously watching it again when the numbers are down a bit and the choices are fewer. I know, I know ... big waste of time. But I find it fascinating how 25 men (or women) can think they're falling for one person. Is that even possible? I mean, I could see 25 women thinking that, but 25 men?? Women are emotive - and would probably REALLY believe that they're in love in their delusion... but I find it FASCINATING watching the guys fall for the same girl ... does the show drug them or something?? Could they really believe that she's the 'perfect one' for all of them??

When I was chatting about this with some friends last night, it was decided that competition plays a HUGE part for the guys. But then - how could the bachelorette believe any of their sincerity? I guess that's why the relationships don't seem to last ... but there are a few that have worked. It's probably the same ratio as real Hollywood relationships.

So, last night my man was out and I watched the Season Finale by myself. And found myself GASPING *literally* as the show progressed. I felt sick for Jason - the guy she didn't choose, elated for the Jesse - the guy she did ... and just plain exhausted by the end.

It's such a ridiculous show - I know. But I'm already having withdrawal symptoms *GRIN*.

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Anonymous said...

Did we both really spend three hours last night gripped by the same show?!!! I didn't see the beginning of this series, actually didn't start following it until a couple of weeks ago (when Richard got sent home?) anyways, it is such a good show to work out to, never a dull moment!!! I'm just so glad that I wasn't the only one!

Anyways, on the topic of shows, I've been meaning to tell you sice HHW last month...You look amazing. Whatever you're doing should be sold as a "Tania secret"! Way to go!