11 July 2008

[talk: Swimmin' of a Gong Show]

Last week, Mattias had his first "REAL" swimming lesson. I say that, because he had lessons at the rec centre - but they weren't really lessons. More-like an introduction to the water. Now, he's taking semi-private lessons in a class of 4 at a woman's home. The other 3 children are friends of his - and are at various stages of learning to swim. So at "lesson one", us mom's sat on the side of the pool and watched the drama unfold. One little girl was confident and willing to learn, another was quiet but listened intently and did as she was asked. The final little girl had developed a fear of the water, after being able to swim in the deep end at 18 months of age (with water wings). Then there was Mattias.

A couple of months back, we had an episode where he had taken off his water-wings and ventured off the pool steps. We were watching him, but he went under for a good 5-6 seconds and it terrifed him (naturally). We took that opportunity to tell him that he needed lessons so that he could swim like his big cousins and such.

Well, at his first lesson, the first order-of-the-day was to do "hums": putting your face in the water. That's when the drama began ... tears, wailing, "MUUUUUMMMY"s and basic hysteria. But the swim instructor was SO great - and spoke to the children like they were adults. And the children responded by getting themselves together (momentarily, anyways) and continued to participate.

An on-looking-mom had reassured me before the lessons had even started. "See that little guy over there?" she pointed. He was about the same age as Mattias, confidently swimming under the water with goggles on. "He was just like your son at his first lesson. Now look at him!" She was rightfully proud! All I could think was 'what a gift' to give your child the ability to save themselves in the water - and to have FUN. SO GREAT.

So that was week one. Today - we're off to lesson number two ... but first? To the water-park to meet with a friend ... and later? A two-year-old's birthday party.

It shall be a full, glorious, eventful day. Hope yours is full of wonderful things too.

Below is a page that I scrapbooked from last week's "First Swim".

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Treena said...

Hey Tania,

Your blog is so great! I've really enjoyed reading it. I have kind of a dumb question as I know it will be a simple answer but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out. How do you make the pic so you can click it to enlarge it? :)

Tawn said...

well hey there ;-)... thanks for letting me know you stopped by. It's a wierd thing knowing people come - but no one says anything :-). Ok - so the "enlarge" thing ... total fluke that I did it the first time, then lost sleep b/c I couldn't figure it out again. So - it has to be on layout "none" and "large" size. That's it. I just happened to click the image and it enlarged. When you scroll over the image, you should see the "jpeg" URL at the bottom left of your screen. If you can't, you haven't done it right. Good luck :-)

Treena said...

thanks Tania! :)