30 July 2008

[organize: Tidy Equals Calm]

As I get my body back into order, I find that my sense of calmness has overflowed into other parts of my life. When I'm happy with myself, it seems that my home is in better order, my purse organized, my car cleaned, my lists - done. And when I'm not happy with myself, things get cluttered, messy, disorganized and basically - well - chaos. Now, those who know me would maybe say that my home isn't completely chaotic - but I know where I've "stuffed" things, rather than putting them in their rightful place. Or I know how long it's been since I wiped down the cupboards. Or when the last time was that I emptied out the fridge. Or what's behind the door in our "junkroom" that nobody sees *GRIN*.
So - I'm happy. Feeling good about myself, and the state that our home is in. I've taken a few photos of little projects that I've completed. I bought 2 new glass vases from Costco and set them up beside my hutch and LOVE how it looks ... along with organizing all of my cookbooks in baskets underneath. I've FINALLY bought the frames from Jysk to put Mattias' art in and hang in his room, and the newspaper clipping from Josiah's "NEW YEARS BABY" birth, which will hang in his room. They will be hung tonight *grin*. And the rest is just moving things around, cleaning up the space with less clutter ...
And that junkroom is not so junky anymore. YAY!
Tonight when the boys are in bed, we'll light the candles, get cozy on the couch, watch SYTYCD and enjoy the calm. That is the GREATEST feeling for me.

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Shawna said...

I LOVE those glass vases - I saw them @ Costco and I'm sure left a drool puddle in front of the display. Glad you didn't slip in it.

I too have the same feelings about my home and the calm that I feel when everything is in it's rightful place!

Good for you and getting those little projects completed!

See you tonight!