12 July 2008

[talk: A Really Great, Busy Day]

"Guido" and "Luigi" ... new little friends for our boys ...
not the NEMO fish - the ones behind!!


It was a day full of running around and trying to get to the next place on time. But it was SO beautiful out - and the boys had so much fun ... it was so worth packing up and moving on to the next thing.

We went to the water-park in WG - it was really great. I had never been before and my GF met me there with her kids. Of course, it was far from the "let's sit and catch up" venue but it was great to see her none-the-less. We would chat for a few minutes, and then throw in an "excuse me" as we ran off to catch one of our little ones and bring them back to safety. And speaking of safety - SPF45 was in order. And my littlest one still got a tan *grin*.

Then off to swimming lessons - and YAY - it was good this time!! Tias had "no tears" and did a starfish on his back!! WHOO HOO!! It felt victorious - even though a small one. To me, every time he does something that he's scared of, it's a HUGE thing.

At night we went to K's birthday party. SO cute ... with a "Finding Nemo" theme. So a BIG THANKS to K&C for the fishies as a party-gift *wink*. We had to pull out our fish-tank this morning and set it up in Mattias' room. The boys LOVE them and named them "Guido" and "Luigi". Can you sense a "Cars" theme around here??

SO - another bunch of pics ... more to scrap, more to save. *sigh* It seems to me that I take too many pictures ... documenting the boys day-to-day life may be a bit much *GRIN*.


the boys at the water-park

me 'n Tias

Siah enjoying his grapes

Tias smiles for the camera

Tias enjoying his lessons ...

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