12 July 2008

[talk:Gotta love a SALE!]

So ... as some of you may, or may not, know - I'm doing the "Biggest Loser" with a pot of $800 as the prize. Right now, I'm winning *whoo hoo* - but the competition is getting tough around here. The deadline is August 1 and I only have *lbs to go to my goal (what - you thought I was going to post that??).

ANYWAY - the point being, I haven't been "this" weight in 3 years and my summer clothes are a bit, well, ill-fitting. So I've been shopping ... prior to winning the $$ *grin*. But hey - a girl's gotta wear cute clothes, right??

The long and the short of it - is that I bought some new tube-tops and such but what I really needed was a new bathingsuit. My last-year's suit is ok - but that leaves me with only one and we're off to Penticton on Monday.

After searching around, I ended up at the Swim Shop - tres expensive, yes. But GET THIS: I bought a tube-tank (do you see a trend with the tube thing??), swim shorts (suuuper cute - never had them before) and a swim-tie-skirt thingy. Regularly EACH PIECE was $72.00. And I got them for less than $20.00!! That's $216+tax regularly for just over $60.00.

SO PUMPED. And it's cute too *wink* ... see for yourself.


Char said...

There is a certain euphoria (sp?) when you get a good deal, hey? I mean for me, I won't buy anything regualr price for that very reason. Sometime I am not sure what I am more excited about the Sale or the new purcahse :-)

Love the new suit, so you!

Nickie said...

Oohnh! I love finding a good deal! I sometimes get mocked for being more excited about the deal that what I actually got :)