15 August 2008

[make: The "Cars" Birthday Cake]

WELL. I did it!!
**and the crowd goes wild ....**
Hmm. Not exactly - but the cake was a success and I was bursting as Mattias was in love with the first birthday cake I've really created. I had originally thought I would do a "racecar track" cake - with the theme of his party being "Cars". But last week he told me that he wanted a "broken and fixed road" cake - just like when Lightening McQueen has to fix the road he ruins.

Hmm. Ok.

So I did some hunting, talked to a few girlfriends about some of my ideas and got a few of theirs ... then - with the supervision of cake-extraordinaire "A.L." - I began my feat. She helped me lay it out, and had me walk through my vision and started implementing my ideas before my eyes. She helped me set the format of the cake, and she taught me how to ice it *sounds silly, but she did*. Then - she let me go to town with the decorating and gave me the "hip hip hooray" every time I completed another part. SO MUCH FUN!!

So - you wanna see??

Ok - here it is in stages ...

the cookies were the "fence" around the city ... or so I tried.

I used all the lego and toys from Mattias' collection - with cut straws for the lightposts.
I crushed chocolate wafers finely for the "fixed" road and crumbled for the "broken" road.

I used white lifesavers as "stacked tires" and rock candies with green sprinkles for a bit of grass.

Luigi & Guido - Tias' favourite little characters ...

The kids all wanted a peek ...

Tias tried to blow out the sparkler - so funny!!
SO - that's it. And there were over 400 pics taken too - so I have to sort through them. I'm looking forward to a little "down time" to digiscrap and clean off some photos off of my computer. Maybe next week *grin*.


Still Enjoying the Journey said...

NICELY DONE! Man ... I can learn so much from you! Well done ... too bad it gets eaten!

Treena said...

WOW! Tania you amaze me! Fantastic job on the cake. I love how you take a challenge head on and complete it better than most would. A special memory I'm sure Matias will never forget. :)

devan said...

Well done Tania!! Quite impressed! Can you do one for my birthday next year ?????? You're hired!!!

devan said...

by the way....my bday is in April...so that'll at least give you a couple months to prep something...

Tawn said...

Devan - are you wanting a "cars" cake too *grin*? I may need more than a few months to prepare any other type of cake theme... *grin*.