11 August 2008

[talk: In Full Swing Again]

WELL - I missed blogging. Strange, huh? But I did. So, now I'm back and am DIZZY with all the things happening this week ... if you saw my "to-do" list, you'd feel sorry for me *grin*. But it's all self-done and it serves me right for doing too many things at once. I love it, though ... it certainly is a week with a purpose!

First things first ... today is Mattias' 4th birthday. He's had two "parties" with the family already - but his "Other Four Year Olds" party is on Thursday. That was a hard thing - choosing who to invite, especially when I have friends with kids at different ages ... but those who are younger will be invited to Josiah's party :-) ... I have too many plans for Thursday ... a cake, which I canNOT WAIT to create with my friend A. Games, giftbags, crafts etc ... my head is spinning just thinking about it. I hope it all works out!!

Today - we got NEW "Guido" and "Luigi" fishes as part of his birthday present. Mattias is in love ... and hopefully they'll live a little longer than the last set ... We chose goldfish this time - they tend to last longer, apparently.

On another note, I am excited to lead worship at my church a couple of times this week - on Friday night and on Sunday morning. That requires a lot of prep for me - heart prep, song lists, band practices. I love all of it. Worship gives me life. Finding time for it gives me panic, though *grin*.

We have friends from out of town staying with us for the week too ... LOVE it when they stay. There is something to be said about people who just "fit in" and live with you ... no expectations - just love. Such a great thing.

And I'm surrounded by laundry from our camping weekend ... it was a fun weekend, with another birthday celebration for Mattias with the family - but it rained a lot. That was a drag. It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night!!

SO - that's what's happening around here - but I have so many thoughts that I've had on my mind lately ... I hope to have a chance to write about those things and am curious as to what YOU think on those topics. Hey - I always say "two brains are better than one" ... *grin*.

Here are some pics of the camping weekend ...


the DQ birthday cake that had matches as candles - lit up nicely *GRIN*

Josiah loved camping.

Mattias calls these "wishing flowers"

rain or shine - Tias loved the pool

our little spot ... but we had the cabin across the lane *grin*


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday Mattias!

I have to say, that I missed your not blogging too! There's not much good reading available, and I love sitting down to see what's going on in the lives of those brave enough to post!!! Glad your back and had a great weekend! I hope that this next week runs really smooth!

Shawna said...

What a full life! Full of lots of love and celebrations!

Isn't it funny how you miss blogging about stuff when you are away? I'm that way too...it always feels good when I've had time to sit down and unload my thoughts onto my blog!