07 August 2008

[talk: Luigi the Fish Commits Suicide]

How do you explain this to your 4 year old??

The fish jumped out of the tank ... and died. Seriously. Mattias came into our room this morning and said, "Mommy, Luigi's on the carpet." That's 2 pets in a month ... and the first fish that died, Guido, had his fins eaten by Luigi, and sank to the bottom (rather gross).

I think Luigi's water got too hot with the heat of Mattias' room ... either that, or he found no reason to live anymore *smirk*. You know how tough a fish's life can be.

So sad ... and there were tears again - and a small "flushing funeral".



Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Oh my! So early to have to explain that too! I love your flushing funeral idea ... I'm sure that helped with the closure of it! This is tough in a 4 yr olds world. I wish I was his preschool teacher to hear about this one ... i-yie-yie! By the way ... I love the names of the fish! So Italian!

Canadian Kristin said...

K, kinda funny.....I bought my 84 yrs old Grandma two fish....and one committed suicide, and Grandma was so sad....and then the Grandma came into the kitchen a few days/weeks later to find the second one had also committed suicide....and she was so sad.....and Grandma said to me, "Krissy, please don't buy my anymore fish" because she was so sad when her friends died. Awwwwwwww......how cute is that....in a sad sort of way...... lol

Anonymous said...

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