05 August 2008

[talk: So In Love ...]

Being a mom puts a person into a place that they never thought possible. A place where they love so much, it hurts - where they care, feel responsible, carry the burdens of their children ... a place where they hurt when their child is rude, or needs to be disciplined. Such a massive amount of emotion comes with being a parent, I find.
For me - yesterday was a day of PRIDE. Josiah, our littlest one, got brave with his water-wings and was able to hold himself on his own in the pool. Plus walking off the diving board!! And - I didn't have my camera *dang* - but just as well ... I was in the pool too *wink*. And Mattias continues to gain confidence in the pool as well - jumping off the diving board, into Lu's arms. So proud of my little guys.

Tonight is "Birthday Celebration #1". Tias will be four next week - but with family being out of town and such, we've found ourselves planning 4 separate gatherings. Because of this glorious weather, we've asked a family friend for the use of their pool - so off we'll go with DQ ice-cream cake and hopefully get some exercise.

Hope you enjoyed this fantastic, sunny day!!

Here are two pics that I took at the park yesterday - my little men.


Anonymous said...

Wow - those are great pics. Are they touched up or straight out of the camera?
What a sweet hubby you have :)

Tawn said...

thanks :-) ... with my Pentax, I would have to edited my pics quite a bit - but not with the Nikon. I do have "lightroom" which is an AMAZING program - and it tweaks things to make them pop a bit more. But the colour and clarity of the Nikon is second-to-none ... And yes - he's a good man *grin*.

Lisa B. said...

Great shots - as usual. I'm not surprised....super mom!