18 September 2008

[talk & digiscrap: We're All One Prayer Away from Being "Them"]

So many passionate thoughts going through my mind today. Not thoughts of passion *grin* - passionate THOUGHTS.

Last night, I had SUCH a great time at a new event held at my church. "Women's Wednesday" was fantastic - and so well done. Props to you, S&L - thanks for including me ... I was able to lead worship, and be the photographer for the night. Such a privilege - and here are just a couple of the pics I took. I hope they don't mind *blush*.

The woman who shared, spoke of "walking in her shoes" with her life-story and how things didn't quite turned out the way she thought they would. She had done everything "right" - loving the Lord, raising her family, being active with friends and community in the church ... and after 20 years (I'm guessing) of marriage - her husband chose to leave. Her story wasn't about the defeat of that, but of the shoulder she had in her Savior.

After the evening was over, I was speaking to a mentor-friend of mine and she brought up Shalom in regards to knowing about facing hard times. We had been in conversation with another friend, whom I've known for many years, and she didn't know of my story. I spent the next while sharing my experience of Shalom.

My mentor-friend stood by, and shared that she is currently working with a Recovery House in our local area and has asked if I would come and be a part of that. Now, to some, I may seem like an unlikely candidate. I have never been drunk, participated in drugs - I was a "straight-lacer" from birth and haven't wavered very much *grin*. I grew up with a wonderful family, with much support and a church that I love.

But I am someone who was just one prayer away from being like those souls who chose to resort to substances to calm their pain and quiet the noise in their heads. I don't speak of it much, but I remember coming home from the hospital and consciously thinking, "I need a break - just a moment - where it doesn't hurt. Where I can breathe." I seriously thought about drugs - just to ease the pain for a moment. And for me, I had community, support, counselling and JESUS. And I can tell you that having those things saved me. That is the only difference from me to "them". Had I not had those things, I can say that I would have turned to anything. Honestly. And that is a far cry from who I really am - which makes me think the same of others who are so lost in substance abuse, anger and other unhealthy behaviour. And because not many women I know, know what it is like to have to chose to lose a child - God really was all I had. It was a tormenting experience - but I had those things to surround me. Had I not - I would be lost. Simple as that.

SO - I am excited ... I have been wondering, as of late, whether Shalom will have a relevant place in ministry opportunities. And now she just might. The thought of looking at someone who says, "You don't know this kind of hurt, " and being able to say - "Yes. Yes, I do." I dream of that moment.

Phewf. Well - that was a heavy, wasn't it. *smile*. Hopefully it was encouraging - to let you know that the things YOU face can help someone else. If not now, in time. Life without it's experiences isn't life - and it's what we DO with those experiences that make life what it is. And life without Him, isn't a life that I would want.

Ok. Are you ready for something else now? *GRIN*. Ok - soooooo - I've been giving a stab at digital designing. NOT for anyone, but for myself. I just wondered if I could do it ... and thought, "why not". So - I'm NOT an artist ... and I'm not a computer whiz either ... but these are the things I've created lately.

Another outlet - another way for me to celebrate life. These are some water colour papers I created - and a couple of "word arts". Remember - I will not be selling these, these were just things I was trying ... and having some fun with. I'll have to talk to B&K about copywrites on lyrics *big grin* - but I'm sure they don't mind if it's just for my scrapbook ...

Ok. Here they are ... have a good one!!
paper #1
paper #2

paper #3

paper #4word-art #1

word art #2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing this. It was encouraging, we rarely think someone will ever learn from what we have been through. But I pray someone will always be learning from someone's path one way or another. So thank you for that encouraging word you shared.


Annika said...

Great pages, Tania! You are very creative. I haven't been able to digi scrap for a long time as Photoshop is just not working with our old computer but soon I get a new laptop all for me from my very lovely husband and then I will be really using all the stuff you keep sending in your emails! I hope I can be half as creative as you!

Great thoughts too! I can totally relate to you!


Amanda said...

I agree with being one prayer away. I don't know if you know this but it took Jordan and I 22 montsh to conceive Makena. We thought it would take far less and it was very discouraging each month as I saw a "-" on the pregnancy test. But we were being held up in prayer as we prayed like crazy and God answered them. PTL! He always has a reason for things and a great timing. How easy it would have been to cover up the pain with substance more than not. But far easier to pray the pain away.

Thank you for your post today.