22 September 2008

[talk, digiscrap, invisaline ...: SO Much Going On]

You know - I miss a few days, and then there's SO much to share - some deep thoughts and some silly ones too ... Let's start with the one that's on my mind the most.

Last night, I went to church while my husband watched our kids. We don't usually go on Sunday nights b/c of the wee ones - but a friend from out-of-town was leading so I really wanted to go. Worship was thick and wonderful, and the Word was too. I was struck by this verse: 1Kings 18:21 ... it speaks of either serving God, or not - one or the other. And I'm always fascinated by comments of those who say, "I don't serve any God." because we all do. Either it's Him or it's money, image, education, substances, slander, food etc ... we all have a god in our lives. And if you don't chose Him, you chose something else. It's that simple - and so powerful.

Wow. I think I need to just sit and dwell on that for a while.

Speaking of powerful - I went to an Encounter this weekend for the women of our church. I was there to lead worship to work with the Team there, but left so encouraged and validated - it made my heart sing. I was talking to my sis-in-law about it and said, "I HATE how I am so unconfident ... I need someone to say, 'good job'." Well. No longer. I'm not picking up that lie anymore and will walk through whatever doors He opens for me ... in confidence. That's the plan, anyways *wink*.

On other fronts, I'm done my LAST tray of Invisaline for my bottom teeth. And they are - well - straight. Good thing, huh *grin*. The top ones, I'm only half way. Can't WAIT until they're done too and I don't have to remove the trays to sing *laughing*.
AND ... *drumroll* ... Yin put me on her site!!! MY PAGES are on HER SITE!! Seriously - that is just the most lovely thing for me. Doing something I love and having a "professional" compliment it? So cool. You can check it out here ... you have to scroll down a little bit.

Wanna see some new pages?

Here they are ... click images to enlarge


Anonymous said...

I'll have to talk to you at church about Invisaline. A lady came into Costco who had them couldn't even tell until she told us she had them in because she just got them that day. I really need them better than braces I hear. Anyways it's so good for you to be on that pro's page.

Didn't get to see Ben lead worship. Too bad we missed out.


Anonymous said...

Your photography is looking amazing. You are doing a wonderful job with the help of your new toy. Congrats on your digi scrapbooking pages!!!

Why-Von said...

LOVE the page of Mattias and the hose - very cool!