20 October 2008

[digiscrap: Time Away = Pages Done]

SOOO - I was sick.

Sicker than sick and heartbroken that I had to bail out of leading worship at the Women Alive Conference on Friday night. Thank GOODNESS my friend NL was able to save me (after what seemed like a million turn-downs from others...) and it all worked out. I was able to lead on the Saturday and it was a really fantastic time. I love being a wife, a mom, a friend - but at the very core of me, I am a worshipper. And that is where I feel that I am WHO I am the most.

And coming up? Well - we leave for Miami on Friday morning and are off to the Caribbean on a 7 day cruise for our 10th Anniversary. Wait. Did you see me jump up and down? NO??? Look again .... see. There. I did it again.

We're going on the Liberty of the Seas with another couple and sans enfants. Yes. It's true. No kids. And let me tell you, I adore my children. I have WONDERFUL boys. But they'll be there when I get back - and I intend on soaking up every ray, sleeping in, eating without interruption and wearing slinky black dresses for dinner *grin*. Our itinerary includes Puerto Rico and St. Maartin. Ooo. I did that little jig again.

It's been a month of holidays ... but the sad thing is, is that we have nothing planned after that. And that is such a shame - I'm getting good at packing *wink*.

SO - Phoenix was LOVELY - full of "family time" and sunshine. AND I was able to get a lot of digipages done ... here are a few to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

You are so good at documenting your lives. I'm in awe!

I'm so sorry that you were sick. I totally understand the "worshipper" thing. It's pretty intense.

I'm so happy for you for your cruise. I'd be dancing too, if it were me. I hope you have an amazing time. I can't even fathom a few days of straight through the night, kid-less nights and days right now. It sounds like a far off dream. Enjoy every moment!

AlisonVeritas said...

glad to hear you're feeling better! yep I'm back on the blog wagon CASUALLY. But it's been fun!

Yin said...

Have a great holiday and happy anniversary!
I just came by and again am blown away by your layouts. I'm not just saying this to make you happy, but you are VERY GOOD at this! You have a great sense of colors, layout, and style! I'll be snagging some for showing off on my blog, I believe you don't mind, thanks! :)

Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

I came here via Yin's blog and I would love to know what kit you used to do the Extreme Home Makeover LO - which is darling. I love your work and will be checking back for inspiration.

Tawn said...

Thanks for stopping by!! The kit for Extreme Homemakover was called "HELLO SKY" but I can't seem to find the designer's name. I created my own photoframes, and used a grunge brush that I downloaded from Deviant. The logo I made on my own and used a watercolour brush to paint it. I didn't use a template - I couldn't find one that worked *smile*!!